LEGO Friends Fall 2018 sets revealed in New York [News]

Straight from the LEGO Fall Preview 2018 event, we’re bringing you all the new product reveals in the LEGO Friends line, scheduled for release later this year.

41341 Andrea’s Bedroom | 85 pieces | $9.99 | Available in August

Andrea’s bedroom has everything she needs to get her jam on, including her keyboard, microphone, guitar, laptop, and a speaker. Her bed flips up to reveal her dressing room mirror.

There are a few interesting parts here, including the pink and turquoise window panels, and several yellow-orange plates.

41342 Emma’s Deluxe Bedroom | 183 pieces | $14.99 | Available in August

Emma is all set up to express herself in style. Set includes a rotating sculpting wheel and a flip-up storage box at the foot of her bed.

One of the cool parts in this set is the 1×2 inverse bows in pastel teal. Also, the blank tan mini-fig head and hair are great for statues.

41343 Heartlake City Airplane Tour | 323 pieces | $29.99 | Available in August

Olivia and her robot helper are ready to give aerial tours of Heartlake City. Set includes a control tower with slide access, refueling/repair station, and refreshments for guests.

The bi-plane design is actually pretty cool, and there are a lot of bow elements in dark pink and dark azure. Also 2 small slide parts.

41344 Andrea’s Accessories Store | 294 pieces | $29.99 | Available in August

Andrea’s accessories shop includes a dressing room and alteration station, as well as a sweet scooter. Don’t miss that awesome teal wig with cat ears! Lots of transparent tinted panels and window elements make this a good draft set.

41345 Heartlake City Pet Centre | 474 pieces | $59.99 | Available in August

Heartlake City’s animal friends are in good hands at this pet care/grooming/playground all in one. Set includes an ambulance with flip up light and plenty of pet care products.

If you are looking for rounded bricks in yellow orange, and lime green, this is a great source. Another great draft set if you are looking for architectural parts.

41346 Friendship Box | 563 pieces | $49.99 | Available in August

This set is pretty cool, and includes a number of models that are basically 1:1 scale from mini-fig to children in the age range. of all the Friends sets in this preview, this one was my 9 year old daughter’s favorite. Hands down.

41347 Heartlake City Resort | 1017 pieces | $99.99 | Available in August

Need a break from stressful city life? The Heartlake City Resort is the perfect place to unwind. Set features 2 waterslides, a parasailing boat, a sailboard, 2 hotel rooms, patio seating and a detachable DJ stage. The set also features a tram on tracks, in case you are too relaxed to get back to your room.

This set comes with 5 quarter circle roller coaster tracks and 1 short straight one. There are also tons of window and door elements, and a bunch of slopes in bright colors.

41348 Service & Care Truck | 247 pieces | $19.99 | Available in August

Olivia and her bot are all set to take their go-cart on the road. Set includes maintenance tools, a hamster crossing, a customizable go-cart and a launcher (slammer) to propel Olivia into the race. The truck features meny different sloped parts and details parts in dark azure.

41349 Drifting Diner | 345 pieces | $29.99 | Available in August

Andrea and Dottie come with this combination drive-in movie theater and diner. Set includes a kitchen, booth seating, a customizable go-cart, and a slammer.

41350 Spinning Brushes Car Wash | 325 pieces | $29.99 | Available in August

Thos set features a moving track for the car wash, a refueling station, and another customizable go-cart. The go-carts all come with a technic hand-powered slammer to preopel the carts into the race.

41351 Creative Tuning Shop | 413 pieces | $39.99 | Available in August

This set really shows off the customizable go-cart theme reflected in many of the fall sets. There are several fender, hood, engine, and side details, and with even a modest collection, these would be super-easy to build your very own designs to take the customization to another level.

41352 The Big Race Day | 648 pieces | $59.99 | Available in August

One of the coolest features of this set, in my opinion, is the quad-copter camera drone shown below at the top of the arch. Also, the three customizable go-carts are pretty cool, and each design reflects a distinct personality. The inclusion of 2 more quarter circle roller coaster tracks is a bonus.

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