The Way The World Will End (I Hope)

Flickr user OliveSeon has built some of the most impressive large town dioramas I’ve seen. There are lots of people building cityscapes using official sets mixed in with their own creations and landscaping, but rarely are the official sets so well integrated. Additionally, he’s packed them both chock full of terrific details of his own, like a giant gazebo, full depth swimming pool and surf pool, a large factory, and lots of other fantastic stuff.

Here’s the first:

But just building a placid town wasn’t cool enough. No, on his second diorama, OliveSeon has gone for full-out apocalyptic anarchy, old-school style, with Godzilla battling a Gundam across the seaside city, turning what was already a stunning diorama into pure awesomeness. The flame effects are particularly awesome, and very reminiscent of their on-screen special effects counterparts.

Be sure to check out both of OliveSeon’s other dioramas as well, each of which are worthy of their own posts: though untitled, I believe they are Disneyland and San Francisco. A thorough perusal of all the photos will be rewarded, as there are brilliant details to be discovered in every picture.

4 comments on “The Way The World Will End (I Hope)

  1. Ryan N.

    ^^ yeah that smoke and fire detail is really great! Even the water detail as Godzilla breaks out of the water is good too.

  2. zane houston

    Truly awesome builds, everything on their page is extraordinary! I’m curious though (and I sincerely apologize if I offend Olive), is Olive a woman? Based on the name, and one of their earlier flickr posts looks to have a woman remote controlling some lego thing (you can only see waste down).

  3. Chris Post author

    Zane, your guess is as good as mine. I also apologize if I’ve gotten the builder’s gender wrong, but I tried searching, and couldn’t find any more information on this builder. And, purely given the general demographics of the Lego community, male is the more likely option.

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