LEGO Hobbit sets available on [News]

3 of the new Hobbit sets have shown up on Amazon, keep your eyes peeled for the rest to make their way for sale soon. The list includes: LEGO The Hobbit An Unexpected Gathering, LEGO The Hobbit Escape from Mirkwood Spiders, and LEGO The Hobbit Riddles for The Ring.

3 comments on “LEGO Hobbit sets available on [News]

  1. capnbootle

    I saw all the new Hobbit range (including An Unexpected Gathering) in my local Kidstuff (Hastings) this afternoon – they’re usually pretty good at having new Lego in but they have no idea why everyone else doesn’t.
    Handy for us locals!

  2. foxdobbs

    I’m finding myself wanting two of An Unexpected Gathering sets because I can stop flipping it around! Both the front and back views are so great!

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