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To Go Beyond the Brick

A new episode of Joshua Hanlon and Matthew Kay’s Beyond the Brick podcast was just released, featuring an interview with yours truly. I openly acknowledge that this is a shameless self-plug, but I’m not recommending their show simply because I was on it, but rather because they do terrific work. They’ve featured tons of awesome people in the LEGO community, many of whom will be familiar to readers of this blog, such as castlers extraordinaire Sean and Steph Mayo, LEGO Community representative Kevin Hinkle, steampunk demigod Guy Himber, and cheese-slope master Katie Walker. So go check out their podcast, and hear what some fellow Adult Fans of LEGO have to say in their own words.

Catsy’s micro Halo Ringworld in LEGO is still 5 feet across!

We’re not even close to being done featuring all the awesome LEGO models debuted at BrickCon 2012 earlier this month. I had the privilege of hanging out with Catsy as he assembled his LEGO Halo ringworld for the first time right there at the con — it was simply too huge to fully assemble at home!

Nearly three years in the making, Catsy’s ring is built from more than 11,000 bricks and spans just under 5 feet. Catsy tells us that it’s 1,467 mm wide, to be precise.

Halo Ringworld

The construction techniques Catsy used to build this took some serious engineering prowess. Here’s Catsy in his own words:

The outer ring (hull) consists of eight more or less identical segments (with minor variations in texture or the use of old gray for contrast), each 72 studs long. The inner ring (landscape) floats freely within the outer ring and stays in place purely by friction and tension.

The photo above shows off the overall detail really nicely, but I just love this next view.

Halo Ringworld scene

Teensy NASA Space Shuttle blasts into my heart

Looking over their photostream, I think we’ve blogged everything Sean & Steph Mayo have built over the past several months, so why stop now? This is the smallest NASA Space shuttle built from LEGO that I’ve run across, but it may be my favorite.

Micro Nasa Shuttle

The LEGO Castle helmet standing in for the top of the External Tank is pure genius.

Because there can never be too many clowns

Guy Himber, aka V&A Steamworks, has created a mind-blowing, mouth-watering, magnificent, and majestic Mold-A-Rama machine. I saw it at BrickCon and even got to breathe the same air as the builder. Let me tell you, it was a pleasure and the machine definitely deserved the “Best Use of NXT” award that it received. I didn’t get to observe the effects in person, but I understand that many paying members of the LEGO-viewing public were reduced to quivering pools of confusion while trying to figure out how Guy’s contraption worked. And that, dear readers, is the sign of a great LEGO build.

LEGO - MOLD-A-RAMA by V&A Steamworks

I insist you watch the video:

If Caterpillar Made Spaceships

I like to think they’d look something like this. Well, that is, if Cat were literally run by caterpillars. In any case, this is an awesomely original take on a space freighter by flickr user Lord Pappadhum. The unique shape is definitely the highlight here, but it’s also worth noting the huge number of colors he’s managed to incorporate without making the ship look unnaturally busy. Also, using those train tracks in that orientation: genius.

GHL Punk Not Dead heavy Tug

What’s inside a LEGO brick?

According to flickr user Tikitikitembo, there’s a whole city in there. This awesome microscale municipality fits neatly into the bowels of a brick-built 2×4. The blue lining on the box is a touch that works magnificently, and there are lots of neat pieces in the structures, ranging from the super old-school to the brand new.

Mini Lego city in Brick

ADULT FANS ONLY – LEGO Design Team – Open Call For Theme Ideas! [NEWS]

I just received an exciting announcement from LEGO. It seems that their design team is accepting submissions for ideas in something like a contest. It seems like one person will get to work with LEGO Designers to develop their idea into an official theme.

LEGO Play Theme Competition

Find the full text of the announcement from LEGO, after the break. Continue reading

AD61: The Sacking of Camulodunum

This outstanding recreation of Roman Colchester is another example of peggyjdb’s (James Pegrum) excellent ability to interpret history through the medium of Lego bricks. The sheer scale of the diorama is impressive, but when you look at the architectural features it is hard to believe that he did not have help from the Roman engineers themselves. James did have help from Malravion (Thomas Coleman) on this… I think you will agree that they did a great job.

Roman Colchester

Roman Colchester

This was on display at the UK lego event STEAM in Swindon.