To Go Beyond the Brick

A new episode of Joshua Hanlon and Matthew Kay’s Beyond the Brick podcast was just released, featuring an interview with yours truly. I openly acknowledge that this is a shameless self-plug, but I’m not recommending their show simply because I was on it, but rather because they do terrific work. They’ve featured tons of awesome people in the LEGO community, many of whom will be familiar to readers of this blog, such as castlers extraordinaire Sean and Steph Mayo, LEGO Community representative Kevin Hinkle, steampunk demigod Guy Himber, and cheese-slope master Katie Walker. So go check out their podcast, and hear what some fellow Adult Fans of LEGO have to say in their own words.

3 comments on “To Go Beyond the Brick

  1. Josh

    Loved the interview, Chris!

    Beyond the Brick podcasts seem very well organized and thought out. With other podcasts there always seems be some dead-air time and too many “um”s. This flows really well.

  2. eilonwy77

    I’ll have to listen to your interview. I have really enjoyed the ones I’ve listened too. I found it harder to do my own interview than I thought it would be. I was worried about whether I was rambling on and if what I said was interesting or not. I don’t know if I’ll be brave enough to listen to my own, but I do know that listening to the other interviews makes me feel like I’m almost part of a great conversation at a LEGO convention or something. I kept wanting to chime in on the conversation. ;-)


  3. ted @ndes

    I’ve really enjoyed listening to these podcasts too. They do a great job and always get great people to interivew (including the above :))…

    “With other podcasts there always seems be some dead-air time and too many “um”s. This flows really well.”

    …Definitely, definitely… :)

    (the “definitely” segways into the next topic would be my only criticism… it kind of gives impression their guests are boring them).

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