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LEGO Adventure Book

I admit we’re a little late to the party with this one, but good things come to those who wait. We present an unofficial sequel to the great LEGO Ideas Books from the 80s.

The LEGO Adventure Book - Samples

The LEGO Adventure Book - Samples
With a builder’s list reading like a “who’s who” of LEGO builders (see right), and a special guest (see later) who will tickle the KFOL in every AFOL, Megan Rothrock’s (megzter) The LEGO Adventure Book looks to be very exciting for children and adults alike. The book is an unofficial sequel to 6000: LEGO® Idea Book, which any LEGO fan of sufficient age would have ogled in their younger days. I have to confess I only own one fan written book from many years ago, but plan to buy this one for myself, and my nephew and niece.

Megan says “For me and many other children who are now AFOLs the LEGO Idea Book showed us so much potential for what else could be built with LEGO bricks beyond the sets they came in. My wish is to have LEGO Adventure do the same for this generation as well as shake up the AFOL builders a little with a few challenging builds thrown in for them.” There’s over 200 pages featuring 200 models and 25 sets of instructions (yes instructions from some of the best builders featured here on TBB). Even without seeing the real book, I’d say she’s achieved her goal.

You can find more info online: at facebook, No Starch Press, and

The LEGO Adventure Book - Samples
Above and below are a couple of models from my usual realm of building, but if you flick through my stream you will find more great samples.
The LEGO Adventure Book - Samples

As for the special guest mentioned above… Megan persuaded one of the designers for the original 6000 book to come out of retirement and build something for this book. I’ll let you speculate on which of the builders it is ;)

Tanks for Nothing – an excellent M4A3 Sherman from WWII

I’m always a bit of a sucker for a well-built tank, though I admit to not keeping up specifically with who’s currently got the most accurate LEGO tank and whatnot. I do know a nice-looking tank when I see one, though, and flickr user DutchLego has a hardy-looking M4A3. Before everyone screams it, yes, it does have some aftermarket parts and some modified bits, but the effect works well here. (If only LEGO actually made narrow treads like that!)

Stake your claim on the Arc Hammer

If there’s ever such a thing as a SHIP on wheels, then this is it. Pierre E Fieschi spent the last six weeks constructing this Capital Planetary Deployment Unit for the colonization of distant worlds. Despite the unusual shape of this vehicle, it looks very functional from the right balance of details and distinctly colored components.


When digging on an alien planet, you never know what you’ll find

Bart De Dobbelaer is back in story-telling mode again, but this time he’s doing it completely through un-captioned pictures. His news series is called the Hive and begins with an extraterrestrial excavation scene. Check back at Bart’s Flickr photostream to see the story unfold.



This whimsical castle is built by Ivan Angeli. As he says it is the last in the line of Drow Elves castles from the world of AD&D. It took him 10.000 bricks only to build the huge waterfall, and the castle itself is over a meter high, which is easily seen in this comparison image. Jump to Eurobricks to see all the images and story behind this creation.


3 a.m. Mecha

So often it is the large models that get featured here on The Brothers Brick, but there are often small creations that are equally as epic. Case in point, Andrew Lee’s (onosendai2600) mini Metal Storm mecha. We had previously featured Cole Blaq’s much larger version, and it is pretty fantastic to see how well Andrew captured the same shapes, colours, and details at such a miniscule scale.


Now go get some sleep Andrew :)

Hellboy II – Golden Army Robot

Robert H. (Robiwan_Kenobi) has built the Golden Army robot from the Hellboy II film. The combination of gold and translucent red parts make this one stunning machine to look at.

Hellboy II The Golden Army: Robot

Hellboy II The Golden Army: Robot

He says that this has been a work in progress for a year and a half. I am so very glad that he finished it, but also shame on him for keeping it from us for that long ;)