Monthly Archives: February 2011

TARDIS Console Room from Doctor Who

I’ve seen many brick renders of the TARDIS from Doctor Who, but I’ve never seen the interior built with Lego until Mr. Xenomurphy presented his latest creation. You don’t have to be a fan of the TV show to appreciate the striking architectural design with its intricate details and working lights. Check out the gallery on MOCpages for more photos including construction shots.

LEGO Catan?

Settlers of Catan
is, by all accounts, a rather fun German board game. LEGO is, by all accounts, a rather fun toy. So it makes sense to combine the two.

Lego Settlers of Catan Board WIP

Except Michael (suparMacho) hasn’t actually built this. He’s use SR3D builder (an LDraw editor) and POVray to render it. Aside from those people lucky enough to use LEGO’s in-house rendering tools this is the most photo-realistic LEGO render I’ve seen.

Nice Truck

Théo (Titolian) has just posted a very nice little truck. This truck looks truly utilitarian, with just a splash of color thrown on by its corporate owners. There’s also a bit of a near-future sci-fi flair, which is near to my heart.


The last time I had a chance to build (over a month ago), I was attempting a truck myself. I really appreciate some of the solutions for shaping that he’s found. The slope of the windshield, in particular, looks good to me, especially as it relates to the fenders.

The Manticore orbital death machine

Blake Foster‘s third SHIP is a superweapon with the power to “destroy nearly anything produced by humankind.” This 180 stud long model has some eye-catching features like the spherical bridge and the asymmetrical design of the mid-section. The other side of the ship has docks for two minifig-scale fighters. You can see all this and more in the gallery on Flickr or MOCpages.