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BrickWorld 2009, Saturday and Sunday

My apologies for slacking off on the last two days of our 2009 BrickWorld coverage (unless you’d rather read what I write at past 3 a.m. for both nights). Now that the event is over and I’m back with a nightmare of bricks to sort, I’ll wrap things up with a few concluding words. This year’s BrickWorld set records in every way. With over 550 attendees, 25,000 square feet of LEGO, special guests from LEGO execs and more, we’re left to wonder how this year’s even can ever be topped.

Planning for BrickWorld 2010 has already begun, and this time the coordinators have booked the entire Westin hotel just for us LEGO fanatics.

See more pictures of BrickWorld on Flickr.

Ciamek’s PZL P.11c defends the skies of Poland against Nazi invasion

Ciamoslaw Ciamek gets a head start on commemorations for the 70th anniversary of the September Campaign (the invasion of Poland by both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union) with a Polish PZL P.11c fighter.

LEGO PZL P.11c fighter plane

The PZL P.11.c has the distinction of being the first Allied plane to shoot down Axis aircraft during World War II. Unfortunately, the Polish air force’s outdated P.11s were quickly overwhelmed by the Luftwaffe. Only one PZL P.11 survives today.

Flying high

It would appear that both Ralph Savelsberg and I have been busy building aeroplanes this weekend. I assure our loyal readers that this was a total coincidence and not a cunning ploy on my behalf to cut down on the number of blog posts.

Ralph S Sea Harrier

Ralph has added to his military collection with a BAE Sea Harrier for a presentation with Ed Diment at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry.

Tim G De Havilland Otter

I’ve kept myself civilian (or at least sort of) with a De Havilland Otter.

On a street in Halifax

Chris McVeigh (Powerpig) designed this townhouse entirely in LEGO Digital Designer, based on the buildings in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

LEGO Halifax townhouse

The top of the square part is excellent. Like LEGO sets of the 70’s and 80’s, the back is open and has a fully detailed interior (photos forthcoming, Chris promises).

Oh fine, here’s a chipmunk photo, too.

LEGO Indiana Jones and chipmunk