BrickWorld 2009, Saturday and Sunday

My apologies for slacking off on the last two days of our 2009 BrickWorld coverage (unless you’d rather read what I write at past 3 a.m. for both nights). Now that the event is over and I’m back with a nightmare of bricks to sort, I’ll wrap things up with a few concluding words. This year’s BrickWorld set records in every way. With over 550 attendees, 25,000 square feet of LEGO, special guests from LEGO execs and more, we’re left to wonder how this year’s even can ever be topped.

Planning for BrickWorld 2010 has already begun, and this time the coordinators have booked the entire Westin hotel just for us LEGO fanatics.

See more pictures of BrickWorld on Flickr.

7 comments on “BrickWorld 2009, Saturday and Sunday

  1. Melfice

    Man, I wish I could go too, but unfortunately there’s this little puddle of water between my residence and Chicago.

  2. Deathdog

    Nannan, it was nice meeting you. It was all a bit much for this first timer, but it was one of the best times I’ve had in quite a while. Already thinking about how to improve on the Hot Rod Association idea (it was a last minute thing) as well as something a bit more traditional. Btw, if Lee Jones ever walks in front of you again, feel free to give him a swift kick! — Dennis

  3. Nannan Post author

    It’s certainly great meeting you as well Dennis and I’m glad you’re already getting overwhelmed with ideas. That’s indeed what happened to me at my first con!

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