LEGO Luigi!

Dirk displays his prowess with sculpture yet again. His Luigi is adorable!

LEGO Nintendo Luigi Mario MarioKart

5 comments on “LEGO Luigi!

  1. dirk_vh

    Thanks for your flattering comments. Here’s an update : I just got contacted by a Games Retailer to build a Super Mario live for the opening of a new store in Amsterdam ( Netherlands ) next month with lots of media attention; they mentioned they were going to organise a contest to have people guess the exact brick count of Mario.
    I still need to discuss the details and price but they were very enthusiastic about Luigi.
    I will try to keep you updated.

  2. dirk_vh

    I started building the huge MARIO sculpture ( almost 5ft tall ) for games retailer GAME MANIA. I’m doing daily updates on construction process on my site ( ).

    Probably interesting for most AFOL’s to see but hasn’t been blogged on TBB, so I thought I’d mention it here in the margin for the fans of Nintendo and Lego.

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