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Chris Deck, master mini modeler

It absolutely baffles me that we’ve featured the microscale creations of Chris Deck (Legostein) precisely … once! I realized this oversight when I headed over to the new FBTB to post my own microscale BSG hangar.

Chris’ latest microscale models include a Corporate Alliance Tank Droid and Republic Gunship from Star Wars:

As you might imagine, I’m particularly keen on his Foundry Ship from Battlestar Galactica:

Chris was one of the first micro/mini-scale builders I encountered — way back in 2001~2002, and his LEGO creations have always inspired me. For aspiring LEGO builders out there, Chris includes meticulous instructions for most of his models.

Check out all of his LEGO creations on Chris Deck’s LEGO website and on Brickshelf.

Sometimes I even build myself

Micro ProbeThis weekend was one of those times. I built two new creations to add to my alien emissary’s fleet. I built a small flying probe, intended to be similar to a larger one that I’ve already built, as well as hexapodal robot. I also tried something new with the photography, and used HDR techniques to take the photos. These methods seem to have provided very nice results.
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LEGO Universe MMOG delayed until at least 2010 [News]

The LEGO Universe massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) first announced back in 2007 as being due in 2008 has now been pushed out to at least 2010:

The LEGO Universe team has decided to delay the game’s launch so that it gets the full attention of our company and fans when it makes it’s public debut. We have a ton of cool new products planned for release in 2009, and want to continue developing the game to make sure that LEGO Universe becomes a truly great game and LEGO experience.

Read the full story (and see a few new images like the one above) on the LEGO Universe website.

As LEGO said to Kotaku last week, the reason is apparently not because the software development is behind schedule. Rather, LEGO’s traditional products — you know, those little plastic bricks — are doing so well that the company doesn’t want the game to distract from that success.

Works for me.

Nabii’s ornithopter flits and flies

Mark Stafford (Nabii) is a master at incorporating LEGO SYSTEM and Bionicle elements into his creations. While the wings on his Flitterfly ornithopter are Bionicle, the cockpit and fuselage are almost entirely SYSTEM.

I’m particularly keen on the radial engine and the Viking tiles on the tail.

See more on MOCpages or Brickshelf.