Prepare for the sacrifice

Welcome to the Temple of Roxolotyl, by Rocko of course. This fresh take on an ancient civilizaiton rarely depicted in LEGO really contrasts well with the other castle creations in Rocko’s repertoire. Note the well planned brick pattern on the steps and the unattended fire in the backyard.

4 comments on “Prepare for the sacrifice

  1. Will Will

    There’s a lot to like here. That’s a whole lot of cylinder pieces — and smooth tile pieces. Love the cobblestone effect. I’m also liking the skull with the flowery eyes!

  2. TargetBoy

    I was down in Costa de Maya and Cozumel about a month ago. This really reminds me of how the area was described by our guide from when it was inhabited.

    Based on what we were told, they’d sometimes tie the captives up in a ball and roll them down the stairs to kill them.


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