Monthly Archives: February 2009

Red mecha are nice.

Pirate MechaEspecially when they’re inspired by Warhammer 40K.

Mark Stafford and Flickr’s CBLA_Member have both built new creations based on Warhammer 40K, and both are Red.

CBLA has built a pirate mecha (right) to scale for minifigs, which makes excellent use of a Jack Stone skull piece for marking on the shoulder.

Mark has built a space marine (below) from the blood angels chapter to scale with a big Knight’s Kingdom head.
Space Marine

Zach’s Manticore

Zach has built a droid, called a manticore that’s so bizarre that I can’t look away. I always thought that a manticore was a lion with a human head and a scorpion’s tail. Instead, I’m looking at a droid that has two feet, and that’s where the similarity to anything in nature ends for me. That’s also why I like it, it’s so different from anything else out there. The technique using wing plates to make a curve is used here to great effect, and integrated quite well.

Manticore Mecha

The Zipper’s Zu-Rama Elite gives me the heebie jeebies

BZPower member The Zipper recently posted this “hornet-like creature” that you probably wouldn’t meet in your great aunt’s garden — not that you’d want to!

The Zipper’s design also gives her creature a look akin to a Zerg Mutalisk — another nasty beast whose acquaintance you’d best avoid.

Thanks for the link, Joey!