Red mecha are nice.

Pirate MechaEspecially when they’re inspired by Warhammer 40K.

Mark Stafford and Flickr’s CBLA_Member have both built new creations based on Warhammer 40K, and both are Red.

CBLA has built a pirate mecha (right) to scale for minifigs, which makes excellent use of a Jack Stone skull piece for marking on the shoulder.

Mark has built a space marine (below) from the blood angels chapter to scale with a big Knight’s Kingdom head.
Space Marine

4 comments on “Red mecha are nice.

  1. Dan Post author

    I know that, technically, Space Marines aren’t wearing mecha. In fact, arguably only Terminators wear powered armor, and the regular marines are wearing unpowered armor. Because this space marine MOC was built at such a large scale, though, it was easier to categorize that way for the broad reading audience.

  2. Ca'gerrin

    Since when was regular Marine armour unpowered?

    I suppose it is.

    Bah, I’m just being snitty because I waste so much time memorizing all this stuff.

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