10 comments on “Pierce enemy lines with the Vector APC

  1. Jai

    Seems to only be very vaguely smaller than minifig scale. Kinda too bad, but to each their own — this is stylish armored ride.

  2. legovaughan

    The stand-ins are only a tad smaller (or more anatomically proportioned) than Lego figs, and the interior does appear to have good figonomics (my word for minifig ergonomics hehe ;) so for me, it’s a real shame there aren’t real minifigs in use – and if ever there was a sweet MOC that deserved custom figs, this is certainly one of them.

  3. Repoort

    I don’t like that you were so negative about the non-Lego soldiers, Nannan. It’s almost as if you’re saying to people “This is cool, but you should hate it.” Since when does TBB dig on MOCs? I don’t remember that happening before.

    I don’t support the builder’s choice; but really, who cares? It’s not as if they’re an integral part of the MOC.

  4. Will Thomas

    ^^You’re the one being negative. “Purists beware” is a common cliché, and it’s a lot easier to read instead of something like “isn’t minifig scale”. And back to the actual MOC, my favorite part are those grille-slats on the side. Well played.

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