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News: Harry Potter 5378 Hogwarts Castle Photos

Millionaire Playboy has wonderfully detailed pictures of the new 5378 Hogwarts Castle set. Head on over there for the video podcast, but here are the highlights for me — the minifigs!

Dolores Umbridge and Hermione Granger both sport new hair:

The weirdest, coolest LEGO head ever on a mystery character (another Deatheater?), and a new Draco Malfoy:

And my favorite, Hermione holding a mandrake root:

Real men (and T-800s) wear black!

Decent weather afforded me the opportunity to photograph lots of the minifigs that have been waiting in piles around our living room. I’m too impatient to dole them out slowly, so I uploaded them all at once, which obligates me to blog ’em all, I suppose. ;-) Anyway…

Here are Agent J and Agent K from Men in Black:

T-800 Model 101 (as played by the Governor of California) from The Terminator (with weapons by BrickArms):

Heavy Metal Minifigs

I love building musical minifigs, but my taste in music generally runs to indie and alternative rock, and those bands pretty much all look alike in minifig form (white guys in T-shirts and blue jeans). Thankfully, I was chatting with Nelson Yrizarry and he suggested using Voldemort’s face for Alice Cooper. Hurray! :twisted:

How could I build a heavy metal rocker like Alice Cooper without building the quintessential artist of the genre? I couldn’t, so here’s Ozzy Osbourne (with an animal friend):