News: Harry Potter 5378 Hogwarts Castle Photos

Millionaire Playboy has wonderfully detailed pictures of the new 5378 Hogwarts Castle set. Head on over there for the video podcast, but here are the highlights for me — the minifigs!

Dolores Umbridge and Hermione Granger both sport new hair:

The weirdest, coolest LEGO head ever on a mystery character (another Deatheater?), and a new Draco Malfoy:

And my favorite, Hermione holding a mandrake root:

35 comments on “News: Harry Potter 5378 Hogwarts Castle Photos

  1. Arpy

    Maybe that’s a new Voldemort minfig?
    Also, I fail to understand what Mandrakes are doing in OotP.

  2. David

    I fail to understand why Lego wasted the money on the rights to Harry Potter and only release one set in the biggest Harry Potter year ever.

  3. Mike

    It’s likely that they don’t want to draw too much attention away from the reintroduction of Castle this year. After a couple years of HP, they may have also found that the big castles were the only sets pulling in the necessary profit level to justify retail shelf space.

  4. mawham

    ive preordered mine. Im happy about the castle but there was so much more to make lego’s out of in the book. maybe a weezly twins attack on the great hall or a flue powder episode introducing green fire. dementor attack on dudly. best of all a last showdown a the ministry with death eaters vs the DA. Go Nevel.

  5. Craig

    That’s a death eater minifig. I saw that character in the preview, except it had a greenish highlight. They are pretty coo images. I want that set

  6. Dunechaser Post author

    @Craig: Indeed it is. Be sure to check out some of our most recent posts for some interesting uses of these heads — they’ve been showing up at LEGO retail stores in the build-your-own-minifig bins. I have 14 of these heads now, and they’re extremely useful!

  7. Jeremy

    I disagree with mawham. The castle looks awesome, with or without any other addition. The “Weasley Attack” could, after all, be recreated in the Great Hall (by the way, when WILL the LEGO company create the other Weasley minifigures? I’m sure we all will anticipate it) and the addition of the fireplace with Sirius’s head in it was enough for me. From the Millionaire Playboy review, the castle is “…fourteen inches tall and over twenty-two inches wide, depending on how you had the castle set up.”That is big for me, however bigger the better, right? I also want to say that I agree totally with Mike and David’s posts, sothanks for the opinions, guys! )-l-(

  8. ben gill

    i love the castle its great and very soon i will be getting one of my own and i agree with mawham a few more sets would be great especialy the department of mysteries battle and out of all the hogwarts castles this one is by far my favoraite

  9. arturo saffie

    hello my name is arturo saffie vega and the chracter that i more like is professor severus snape

  10. me

    hi i like the new castle but the thing is i dont like the new pink skin is it because someone thought it was racist cuz if it was that this worlds gone bloody mad!

  11. tom

    Hi i dont nderstand why they converted all lego men to flesh couler me personally dont like it but i think that this new castle is very good and there are good characters! i think it will be a good buy in a year or so!

  12. Nandokan

    Hi there,
    I really love the pictures of this new lego Harry Potter castle
    especially the Mandakes and the Thestrals they are really awesome and so is the Deatheater.
    But I think the first Castle 4709 is very recognizeable in all the movies, so thats why I like it more!
    I think I only buy some small parts : Thestrals, Mandrakes and maybe some Deatheathers.
    Anyway; Have fun with all the Harry Potter Lego!!

  13. Dunechaser Post author

    Maddie: Nope, not yet. That would be cool, though, wouldn’t it?

    I finally found this set on sale and picked it up last week. Haven’t actually built it yet, but as I suspected back in April the minifigs are great!

  14. robie davids

    i think you rall an bunch of harry potter lego noops
    but the movie was great and the books where even better
    and by the way is lego not for children
    and the game of harry potter is pretty cool but i think can be much cooler

  15. Tommy

    I agree with all the people that said that there should be more sets. They need to make more characters. Like fred and george, luna, ginny, tonks, nevil, kingsley, mad eye, you-know-who, lucious, and belatrix.

  16. A-Z

    I think that they should have ‘THE MINISRY OF MAGIC’ set, including the department of mysteries, and that it should be about as big as the first year ‘HOGWARTS CASTLE’ and include all the Death Eaters, D.A, and the Order of the Pheonix minifigures.

  17. Mario

    I think they should make a giant set with the D.A. members: Harry, Luna, Ginny, Neville, Ron, and Hermonie plus the Order of the Phoniex members: Dumbledore, Sirius Black, Mad-Eye-Moody, Lupin, Tonks, Kingsley Shacklebolt fighting Voldemort, Lucius, Bellatrix and the other death eaters.

  18. Tom Cliffs

    Harry Potter lego is COOL
    I have all the lego of the first 2 series and the fourth one (and the castle of 3 and a few more boxes)… they’re cool. But i agree with the people that said there should be more sets with THIS castle. because now there’s only a cool but expensive castle. :(
    I like the new Dolores Umbridge but I think the lego heads of Ron and Hermione are stupid now.

  19. robert

    i think they should make a giant set with the fight between d.a and o.p with the others death eaters like bellatrix , lucius,voldemort and dumbuldore

  20. Geert

    I realy like this set. But I think this is the last Harry Potter set fot ootp. They are not many people who buy the hp lego now. But i agree with everyone who said this castle is fantastic. Also I want to say I think it’s necessairy to make a lot of more sets. Just the departement of mysteries wit the entire D.A. Voldemort Dumbledore Lucius and Bellatrix.

  21. Daniel

    yeah you are right Geert ! But it will be great if they made a lot of harry potter sets. Like The weasley attack, the departement of misteries, privet drive dementor attack, sirius’s house, The hearing, The forbiden forest with grawp and dolores umbridge kidnapping by the centaures and much more…

  22. brian eduardo

    yo quisiera ese castillo pero esta muy caro yo un dia mi lo iba comprar cuando lo iba a agarrar

  23. Lupin11

    They should make a room ov requirement set with Harry, ron etc and make it attachable to the Hogwarts castle set

  24. Geert

    Realy disapointed ! There won’t be one other set of OotP ! And Lego says that they maybe stop all the Harry Potter ! But it’s not sure ! But I have also good news ! Before they stop there will be a new set ! A special one ( rumours it is from alf blood prince )

  25. Geert

    Man ! Can’t believe it ! They won’t make an other set ! I am realy at lego now ! Why Star Wars is better than Harry Potter… And just because there are not enough people who buy the sets… RIDICULUS ! Or like my english teacher says : Nasty lego !!!

  26. Sora16

    Pff ! Unbelieveabell ! So unfar ! NO LEGO HARRY POTTER ANY MORE ! It is so ridiculus ! RRRRRRR ! THIS IS JUST… OOH ! NO LEGO HARRY POTTER ! SNIF SNIf ! No dumbledor’es death, deadly hollows, no departement of misteries !!! ANd guess what, 6new star wars lego and 2 new indiana jones sets ! And not ONE harry set ! NOT ONE ! NOTHING ! RRR ! I AM REALY AT THAT !

  27. lizzy


  28. Geert

    NEW HARRY POTTER LEGO !!! Including half blood prince ! the burrow, freeing dobby, a new castle and a quidditch math !!! Also there will be a new Hogwarts express and hagrid’s hut !! Take a look at brickepedia !! YES YES YES YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES !!! Coming out in september/october !!!

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