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Red mecha are nice.

Pirate MechaEspecially when they’re inspired by Warhammer 40K.

Mark Stafford and Flickr’s CBLA_Member have both built new creations based on Warhammer 40K, and both are Red.

CBLA has built a pirate mecha (right) to scale for minifigs, which makes excellent use of a Jack Stone skull piece for marking on the shoulder.

Mark has built a space marine (below) from the blood angels chapter to scale with a big Knight’s Kingdom head.
Space Marine

Andrew brings some Chaos to space

Andrew Lee has finally done something that I’ve been hoping someone would do for years. He’s built a space ship inspired by Warhammer 40K’s chaos forces. The Skalathrax features uses repetition of form to achieve a complex surface, especially along the top, which is almost spinal. Although I’d like to see some even crazier stuff – like more spikes – this creation captures the feel of chaos excellently. My favorite thing about this ship, is how Andrew built it modularly, so that it could be easily transported. I hope he makes some more components as well, a fleet of ships with interchangeable sections and weapons would be really cool.


Minifig Links for May 2, 2007

Third link post. I hope everyon’s getting the hang of this. I’ve run across a bunch of these in Richard McCarthy’s LEGO SigFig Flickr group.

Chuck’s Templar Hardsuit and Chris Bragg’s vampire:

Legohaulic, as himself:

Moko minifigs:

TsoAutTmo’s Sandman and Patrick Morgan’s Ultramarine from Warhammer 40,000:

Hellfire Dreadnaught from Warhammer: 40,000

Hurray! Another game-inspired mecha! Freshly posted by Brickshelfer Jerac, here’s a “Hellfire Dreadnought” from the real-time strategy game Warhammer: 40,000:

Be sure to click the image for the full gallery, and check out Jerac’s older Warhammer creations in this gallery.