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Imperial Guard family photo

TBB recognizes the importance of family on this day dedicated to mothers everywhere. Lego Admiral has been hard at work building up his force of Warhammer 40K futuristic killing machines and he has thoughtfully gathered them all together for a group-shot. The Valkyrie Assault Carrier hovers maternally above the tribe, and from left to right: Leman Russ Tank, Sentinel, Hydra Flak Tank, Chimera APC and the robust Baneblade Super Heavy Tank. Who can forget old uncle Baneblade?…lets just keep him away from the hooch this year. If you’d like to see close-ups of any member of the Imperial Guard family, Lego Admiral has thoughtfully included them in his photostream.

Pride of the Imperial Guard

4-foot-tall LEGO mecha stomps through LEGO City

Ryan McNaught (TheBrickMan) takes large-scale mecha to a whole new level with this one. “Warhammer” is over 4 feet tall, took two weeks to build, and incorporates over 25,000 pieces.

LEGO Mech "Warhammer"

I love how it’s stomping a McDonald’s… Thanks to Bruce for the tip!

Life-size Warhammer 40K Bolt Pistol

We’ve featured many of Jarek‘s Warhammer 40K creations in the past, but this is a first. Instead of scale models of vehicles or troops from the games, he’s built a life-sized gun from the game. He’s built in several cool play features, though not launching a projectile, which you can see in his youtube video, below.

wh40k Bolt Pistol

Space Marines!

Jerac has built some fantastic renditions of Warhammer 40K space marines. He’s built several marines, and given them a matching Landspeeder and Drednaught. I’m especially impressed with the way he came up with to render the trademark oversized space marine shoulder pauldrons.

Space Marines

Aliencat’s LEGO Necron Heavy Destroyer aims a Gauss cannon at your soul

Sebastian Arts (Aliencat) is one of those multi-talented builders capable of surprising me with each new LEGO creation. His latest is a nasty piece of work inspired by Warhammer 40K — the Necron Heavy Destroyer:

LEGO Necron Heavy Destroyer

See more pictures of the Necron Heavy Destroyer on MOCpages.

Red mecha are nice.

Pirate MechaEspecially when they’re inspired by Warhammer 40K.

Mark Stafford and Flickr’s CBLA_Member have both built new creations based on Warhammer 40K, and both are Red.

CBLA has built a pirate mecha (right) to scale for minifigs, which makes excellent use of a Jack Stone skull piece for marking on the shoulder.

Mark has built a space marine (below) from the blood angels chapter to scale with a big Knight’s Kingdom head.
Space Marine

Andrew brings some Chaos to space

Andrew Lee has finally done something that I’ve been hoping someone would do for years. He’s built a space ship inspired by Warhammer 40K’s chaos forces. The Skalathrax features uses repetition of form to achieve a complex surface, especially along the top, which is almost spinal. Although I’d like to see some even crazier stuff – like more spikes – this creation captures the feel of chaos excellently. My favorite thing about this ship, is how Andrew built it modularly, so that it could be easily transported. I hope he makes some more components as well, a fleet of ships with interchangeable sections and weapons would be really cool.


Warhammer 40000 Titan by Kidthor

Kidthor (MOCPages) incorporates LEGO Castle elements into this big, chunky mech from the Warhammer 40K universe:

The End is near.

LUGPol member Kris Kelvin has built a rather cool, custom version of Archaon, Lord of the End Times. For you pathetic non-gamers, that’s a character from Warhammer Fantasy Battle (I had to go look it up myself).

Micro Warhammer 40K diorama

Inspired by Alex Kahler’s micro creation featuring a mini Dreadnought from Warhammer 40K, Jarek presents a micro dio featuring a few of his designs, including a nifty little tank, complete with an accompanying diorama.

Mini Hellfire Dreadnought

Alex Kahler minimized the Hellfire Dreadnought from Warhammer 40k into a micro vignette at the same time keeping all the defining details, making the model instantly recognizable to fans of the game.

Andrew Lee’s Doomsday is red and packs a punch

Andrew Lee has been tinkering with this mecha for a while now, and this latest variant is reminiscent of Warhammer 40,000. The standard is extremely cool.