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Vignettes are like the haiku of the LEGO world. Usually built on a base 8 studs wide by 8 studs deep, vignettes show a little scene or a moment in time. But like written poetry, there’s plenty of variation on the basic theme.

Only 19 Mondays more till vacation

Thanks to this lovely Tiki Fruit Hut I finally realized how tired I am of snow, biting wind and heavy winter coats. Miro Dudas created the hut to look like a sweet postcard from a faraway tropical resort. And even some fetching girls in the picture can’t make me take my eyes off this awesomely executed thatch decorated with reddish-brown carrot tops.

Tiki Fruit Hut

A little monkey business at the spa

This fun build by LEGO7 depicts a comical scene of some Macaque monkeys chilling out at the spa. Interestingly, this is typical macaque behaviour as they are known for spa visits in real life. The monkey faces are perfect, especially the use of lever bases for the eyes.

Macaque spa獼猴溫泉

They are definitely making the most of the dunking pool with some banana nibbles, a warm towel on the head and …actually I’m not sure if the light grey monkey is checking herself out in the mirror, about to shave her legs or texting on her iPhone…

The monkey in the background looks a bit suspicious. Is he keen to jump in too, or just checking out the ladies?

Comfy getaway

This elegant interior built by Laura Jenkins is a prime example of simplicity at its finest. Using a main color scheme of white, tan, and the always gorgeous sand blue, Laura has designed a cozy living room that evokes an inviting beachfront. From the potted plants to the pair of chairs that utilize life preserver pieces, this is truly one place anyone would love to spend a vacation.

Room Interior by Laura Jenkins

A room with a view

As a predominantly character-focused builder myself, I have really enjoyed watching prolific Romanian builder Legranger Absurde develop his own distinct brand of small-scale characters over the past few months. His signature style invariably features Mixel eyes, long bangs, and curvaceous females in shoulderless outfits. But it also demonstrates some new clever limb articulation techniques, allowing for wonderful posing. And with his latest creation, the builder has even taken a crack at building a detailed scene around one of these figures:

I feel remiss in not having featured more of these delightful characters here before. So click below the fold for a gallery of previous examples of this builder’s recent work…

Click here to see the gallery

All the world’s a stage...

…and all players are utterly creative combinations of pieces. Letranger Absurde’s vignette depicting a theatre stage blows my mind with its extremely unsual usage of a regular frog animal piece: once for the actress’ hairdo and several more as seats in the hall. When I saw this little masterpiece for the first time it took me a moment to decide what astounded me more — the fact that I can distinguish the emotions of these tiny little microfigures or the rats in the background…

The Princess and the Knight - A Play

Virtually probing and roving

I typically shy away from LEGO rendering. Having unlimited access to every piece ever made, in every color, can be overwhelming and often leads to rather ostentatious builds. But Sunder_59 demonstrates with just a handful of virtual pieces (and an impressive level of self-restraint) that renders can be quite dramatic. Sunder_59’s sparse use of fictitious pieces and muted color palette makes for two very pleasing space-themed vignettes.



As a side note, that wonderful light aqua base under the rover is meant to represent Minmus, the smallest moon of Kerbin, from the Kerbal Space Program game.

I want to believe... it was all a dream

German builder Steinestecker has captured a common nightmare scenario in LEGO form with his series of alien abduction shots. The poor pyjama-wearing victim displays one of my favourite minifigure expressions, which can be interpreted as a ‘yawn’, but is more of a night terror scream this time!

Alien Abduction

The perpetrators in this alien abduction series are the Classic Alien minifigure from Series 6 of the Collectible Minifigure series; perfect with their passive expression and seemingly unresponsive to his screams. I hope the abducted victim wakes up before any experimentation or probing begins!

Alien Abduction

As a slight aside, as soon as I saw these scenes, I immediately remembered a photograph posted by TBB favourite Chris McVeigh back in 2012. To me, Chris’ build represents the eerie ‘prequel’ to the abduction series created by Steindecker…

Don't Wake Up

The Doctor, the Alien, and the Crossover

For myself, the wonder of being a licensed theme builder is the fact that everything I create is not only something new, but never before possible. With the release of the LEGO Doctor Who set we finally have official minifigures of our favorite Doctors, and it’s now possible to build our own adventures for the famous time traveler.

Oh! She is a Beauty! by Tim Lydy

Not only that, but with LEGO we can create cranium-exploding crossovers. So while the epic sight of the 11th Doctor marveling over the appearance of a Xenomorph may never happen on TV, it can surely happen in LEGO. And we’re all the better for it – well, until the Alien starts attacking that is.

This is my jam

David Hensel presents two pieces of musical equipment at what appears to be full scale. First up is a mini guitar amplifier that makes clever use of a LEGO net, as well as sword hilts as dials.

0 Watt ABS Ornamental Amplifier

The second build from David is a replica mechanical metronome. Notice the tempo markings are created with stacked individual track links. I can just hear that constant ticking looking at this build.

Tick tick tick tick....

At a smaller scale than David’s musical builds, Jimmy Fortel shows us a rock-n-roll drum set played by a rock-n-roll drummer with a rock-n-roll haircut. 16 hour drum solo!

One, two....one, two, three, four!!!

Hidden in the mangroves

Mangrove trees have a chaotic, almost alien feel to them. In salty, waterlogged conditions, where other trees flounder, they thrive. Tirrell Brown has perfectly captured the majesty of these strange trees in his most recent build. His swampy scene, which was built for Eurobrick’s Guilds of Historica, depicts a hidden croc warrior desperately fleeing a pair of dangerous dark elves. For now, the croc is escaping their notice. Can you spot him?