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Even if you’re not an Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo gamer yourself, and even if you’ve never played one of the many LEGO games, it’s hard not to appreciate the strange and stunning LEGO creations inspired by video games. Look for lots of LEGO models inspired by Halo, the Legend of Zelda, Gears of War, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and more. Game on!

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens video game available for preorder [News]

Not surprisingly, TT Games will be releasing a multi-console game based on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Available for preorder now and scheduled for release on June 28, 2016, the game will be available on nearly all current video game platforms.

Here’s the official trailer, which is well worth a watch even if you’re not interested in the game:

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One “Deluxe” editions both come with a Season Pass (foretelling post-purchase DLC…) and a Finn minifig in his First Order FN-2187 stormtrooper outfit, while the PS4 version also comes with an extra level.

Here’s the full list of platforms:

Since the last time we highlighted a video game preorder, Amazon has added an instant 20% off deal for all video game preorders for Amazon Prime members, along with their usual release date shipping. As always, you can help support TBB with all your Amazon.com purchases.

Taking control of the Sullust battlefield

Star Wars: Battlefront delivers plenty of nostalgia for Star Wars fans wanting to battle on familiar worlds of Tatooine, Hoth, and the forest moon of Endor. Interestingly, developers DICE also included the volcanic world of Sullust, which was home to Imperial bases and manufacturing complexes, and is my favorite battlefront in the game. Markus19840420 presents a diorama showing the three major scenery types you’ll find on Battlefront’s Sullust (obsidian and lava rivers, massive rocky cliffsides, and Imperial architecture) all blended together well. I especially like the integration of the bunker into the jagged cliff.

Star Wars - Battlefront - Battle on Sullust

Is that Boba Fett on the overlook? The rebels are about to be wrecked. Fett is overpowered.

Command authenticated. Standby for titanfall.

Titanfall is one of my all-time favorite games and a highly underrated multiplayer title. So many hours of titan versus titan battles makes Marius Herrmann‘s IMC Stryder Titan (which is the best of the three titan classes!) instantly recognizable. The detailing is accurate to the in-game lightweight Stryder frame, from the various sensors on the canopy, to the little steps the pilot hops on to enter. Now I want to fall back onto the virtual battlefield and punch some pilots out of their Titans.

IMC Stryder

Reporting the news as the crow flies

Mike Dung has brought Aya Shameimaru from the Touhou Project to life in LEGO. Aya Shameimaru is a character who appears as a reporter in many of the games within the Touhou Project series. Aya covers the news in the fictional realm of Gensokyo and also belongs to the Crow Tengu species, giving her a height advantage when taking photographs. Mike manages to convey character details and also the fantastical nature of the game within his build.


I have to admit that I really like all the crows, Aya’s wings, the crow seen flying just below Aya, and the clever use of the black hotdog part to show a crow flying in the background. Forced perspective is utilised particularly well in the microscale Shinto shrine that appears to lie far below Aya as she enjoys her birds-eye view of the world. The overall feeling is one of movement, distance and height, something that is not easy to achieve within a small build.

You are filled with determination (and spaghetti)

First it was Angry Birds, then Minecraft, then Five Nights at Freddy’s. Now the latest fad videogame phenomenon (if my teen’s current free time and fashion choices are any indication) appears to be the retro roleplaying runaway hit UNDERTALE. Such is the charm of this game, that even this old fart found himself playing …until I realized it had taken me a week to get just 5% of the way through!

Not surprisingly, LEGO versions of the game’s characters have started to appear online. I’ve picked out my favorites in the gallery below, and even created a LEGO Undertale Flickr group so we can all keep up with what I hope is gonna be a popular new building theme in 2016.

Flowey and Papyrus by Dylan Mievis

Click here to see the full gallery

One wondrous wyvern

Ever since LEGO’s General Grievous action figure set introduced a metric tonne of new pieces in tan, I’ve been waiting for a model that made good use of it. Blowing my expectations out of the water (or the sky) is this wyvern named Diablos from Ballom Nom Nom. Those familiar with the game Monster Hunter may recognize this creature. But to those in the dark (like me) it’s still an astounding display of what can be done with LEGO.


Home sweet post-apocalyptic home: Fallout 4’s Red Rocket truck stop

If you’re tired of building your weapons and armor in Fallout 4, take a break and do what Jonas Obermaier did: build your Fallout 4 weapons and armor in LEGO. This super cool minifig-scale scene of the Red Rocket truck stop, which can serve as a makeshift homebase for players, comes loaded with a suit of power armor, weapons, collectibles, loads of desk gadgets, and myriad other components surely destined to be broken down and reused.

Inside Red Rocket truck stop

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Red Rocket in brick form. We’ve previously featured a spot-on exterior by Markus Rollbühler and a stunning large-scale interior by Pierre. And while you’re checking out Fallout-inspired LEGO models, take a look at this life-size Fat Man mortar launcher.

The zombies are coming

Quick! Grab your peashooters and tall-nuts because this zombie is getting ready to invade your backyard! Well, after he finishes chomping the scrumptious brain already in his possession, that is. Grubaluk built this iconic zombie from the Plants vs. Zombies games and the details are darn near perfect. Check out that stylish business attire, exposed left knee-bone, and a face only a mother could love. Grubaluk even included the finely manicured, lawn-striped grass from the game in his base.

Plants vs Zombies Brain

Stalk thy prey and let loose thy talons upon the Darkness

Following up his life size Mida Multi-Tool prop, Elliott Feldman presents to us his LEGO replica of the Exotic hand cannon Hawkmoon from Destiny: The Taken King. While his Hawkmoon appears larger than 1:1 scale, the details, angles, and elegance of the original weapon design are on point. I particularly like the construction of the cylinder and angles surrounding the barrel.

Elliott demonstrates the working trigger and moving hammer, provides more insight into his build process, and shows side-by-side comparisons with his Hawkmoon and the in-game Hawkmoon in a short video posted on his YouTube channel.

Raider Power Armor fit for a minifig survivor

When it comes to customizing LEGO minifigures, Minh Pham is one of my favorites. I enjoy the contrast of his highly detailed armor pieces with a clean minifigure face. His latest is the Raider Power Armor set new to the Fallout series in Fallout 4, and he sculpted and painted the haphazard Raider look rather well at this scale.

Lego Fallout Raider Power Armor

First looks at the LEGO Angry Birds theme [News]

Here’s our first look at the LEGO Angry Birds theme since LEGO released this teaser image in the fall. I’m a bit shocked to say that — contrary to my expectations — they don’t look too bad. Have a look at the set images below the jump. (Sadly it’s not the highest resolution, but we’re sure better images will follow soon.)

Angry Birds

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