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Even if you’re not an Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo gamer yourself, and even if you’ve never played one of the many LEGO games, it’s hard not to appreciate the strange and stunning LEGO creations inspired by video games. Look for lots of LEGO models inspired by Halo, the Legend of Zelda, Gears of War, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and more. Game on!

Life-size Titanfall R-101C Assault Rifle

I meant to blog this next model back when it debuted in September, but something shiny must have distracted me from the Titanfall R-101C Assault Rifle by our old associate Nick Jensen (Nick Brick). Working features include: removable magazine, moving trigger, sliding charging handle, flip-up iron sights and a detachable HCOG sight that lights up. The rifle is a replica of the one used in the video game Titanfall, and purists can breathe easy because even the sling has the lego logo, although the builder does not specify where it comes from.

Titanfall R-101C Assault Rifle

Drill Man feels terrible for squishing the bunny!

Drill Man stepped on something ...

I was initially unsure of the story behind this, but had to post it for no other reason than it made me laugh. However, upon further investigation it appears that it’s creator, Sweetsha is in a competition with 74louloute utilizing the brown claw pieces. Then it made it all the more funny because I thought that bunny looked familiar.

I will have to be sure to watch this rivalry as it transpires.

“Your test times show you are going too slowly.”

I have to admit that I’ve never played the popular video game Portal or any of its sequels, but I like to think I know a good diorama when I see one. I’ve been entirely too verbose this weekend, so I’ll just let this lovely image by eldeem do the talking. I will say that I really like the lift-arms under the platform, and the placing of the various elements in this shot is perfect.

Your test times show you are going too slowly.

According to the Ryan you can even actually play this course yourself, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Portal 2 Testchamber: Overall View

The Companion Cube featured in this diorama was designed by Gaelen Mibeck (MooseBot) and used with permission by the builder.

Portal Weighted Companion Cube breakdown

As always it has been a pleasure being your weekend DJ here at TBB. Until next time, the long distance dedication line and the first time caller line remain open.

“I’ve really let the place go since you killed me, by the way. Thanks for that.”

We could fill pages and pages here on The Brothers brick with excellent LEGO models inspired by the Portal universe. In fact, we have. Joining the ranks of wonderful LEGO Portal builders is Gabe Umland, whose dilapidated Portal 2 test chamber includes some excellent technological decay — something hard to do well in LEGO.


Speaking of GLaDOS, I quite enjoyed seeing Pacific Rim last week, and I’m surprised we haven’t seen more LEGO creations inspired by giant robots fighting giant sea monsters from another dimension…

SDCC ’13: Noteworthy LEGO happenings

Here’s a quick recap of things seen around the LEGO booth on Preview Night at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 yesterday.

Team Back to the Future member and project contributor of the newly released Back to the Future CUUSOO set, Masashi Togami, was hanging out at the booth with Tim Courtney, LEGO CUUSOO Community Manager.

Masashi Togami and Tim Courtney

This lovely, giant-size, brick-built display of the upcoming LEGO Minecraft sets was very popular among the fans.

Giant Minecraft Lego Display

At 7 PM, they did an unveil of the Minecraft sets at the booth. Executives from Mojang did the honors.


In one corner, you can try out a demo of the upcoming LEGO Marvel Super Hero Game. It’s blast to fly around as Iron Man with repulsor jets or Hulk-out and smash everything in sight. Just for trying out the game, you got a LOKI key chain and a LEGO Marvel Game Poster. Free swag is cool.

Lego Marvel Game Demo

And a final note, they are launching the steampunk-themed Master Builder Academy Invention Designer (Level 4)icon set [We’ll have more on this closer to release -AB]. The first 100 sold at the booth will receive a signed and numbered artist’s print of the snazzy illustration of LEGO steampunk featured in the ads.

LEGO Master Builder Academy Level 4

8-foot LEGO Normandy SR2 by ktorrek

A couple weeks ago, we featured a 4-foot-long Normandy SR2 by Ben Caukins, but if I’m doing my math correctly, this version of the same ship from Mass Effect by ktorrek is twice as long (96 inches, or more than 2.4 meters). He says that it took him 225 hours since February and uses about 15,000 parts.


ktorrek’s Normandy SR2 is to scale with the SR1 he posted a couple years ago — an impressive ship in its own right.

SR1 Starboard Quarter 04

“Imagination is for turbo-nerds who can’t handle how kick-butt reality is!”

I feel mathematical when I look at this model of Finn and Jake from Adventure Time. The responsible party is ccy_8086, whose work has not been featured nearly enough on TBB.


With that in mind, enjoy another masterpiece by ccy_8086, the CMC015 power battle suit from Starcraft 2.


Fashionably Late & Always Stylish

Remember that R-Type Build challenge from way back when? Well Uspez Morbo not being one to follow the herd said to himself, “Pfft…who needs monthly deadlines?!”

And I said to myself, “Am I ever glad that Uspez is a rebellious bugger!”

So without further delay, here is Uspez’s contribution to the R-Type & Beyond build challenge…finally!!

R-Type Crescendo

Please peruse the crazy textures and complex detailing within the full photoset.

Also, way to rock the UFO panels…

This LEGO Songbird from BioShock Infinite will tear your bricks apart

I really enjoyed BioShock Infinite a couple months ago, though I’m still not entirely sure what to make of Songbird. Imagine Rigney may not either, but he’s made this monster (friend?) out of LEGO anyway.

Bioshock Infinite Songbird

Imagine has also included lots of action closer to the floating platform that I’m having trouble calling “ground,” with Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth running away from Songbird while the twins stand by and Vox Populi round the corner.

Bioshock Infinite Columbia Character Action

Thanks for the tip, Jordan!

Massive Lego model of the Normandy SR2 from Mass Effect

Ben Caukins spent the past 7 months constructing the Normandy SR2 from Mass Effect, proving yet again that he’s not afraid to build large curved ships. The ship measures almost 4 feet long with a wingspan of 19 inches. It will be displayed at Brickworld this weekend in Chicago. You can check out work-in-progress pictures on Flickr.

Normandy SR2

Normandy SR2