A knight in shovelling armour

I’m really digging this LEGO model of the protagonist from the video game Shovel Knight by Dylan Mievis. This is a game that’s been buried on my to-play list for a long time, and is a love letter to classic NES platformers. The eponymous Shovel Knight is instantly recognisable in its bright medium azure armour – the LEGO colour is a remarkably close match to the source material! Dylan’s shaping is excellent, using curved pieces where necessary alongside some sharp angles to mimic the cartoonish video-game proportions of the original character. This is particularly evident in the helmet with its enormous horns.
Shovel Knight

This guy would look great as a static sculpture, but Dylan has gone the extra mile to make Shovel Knight fully poseable. Here he is standing ready with his weapon of choice (a shovel, naturally). When it comes to character, this creation has it in spades!