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LEGO planes, trains, and automobiles! Well, maybe not trains, since they don’t like to play with the other LEGO themes, but here you’ll find all our favorite cars, buses, boats, ships, helicopters, and anything else with an engine (and some without).

An impressive tribute to a legendary rally team

I bet you’ve heard about the Kamaz Master Rally Team, especially in connection with the globally known Paris–Dakar Rally. The team retained the title for the last four years straight. Unfortunately, this year the international crew of Iveco PowerStar was a little bit more skillful and lucky. Still, that doesn’t hold Silva Vasil back from praising the Russian team and their outstanding results.

Lego Kamaz Master by Vasily Lukyanov (Silvavasil) | Dakar 2016

Silva, being a professional graphic designer, focused not only on the bodywork of the truck, but also on the chassis — and he absolutely nailed it. It’s quite hard to believe, but the truck is fully motorized, driven by 1, 2 or even 4 Power Functions motors depending on the type of chassis. No wonder the whole project took the builder about a year to complete. Go and take a look from various angles – it’s absolutely worth it.

LEGO Concorde cuts away from the runway as 65,000 bricks take flight

LEGO Certified Professional Ryan McNaught has been busy unveiling some fantastic new creations at Brickvention Australia. We showcased his incredible LEGO minifig-scale 120,000-brick sinking Titanic, and now we take to the skies with LEGO Concorde.

Ryan has chosen to build the iconic supersonic aircraft Concorde in miniland-scale. Building  Concorde in LEGO is cool, but it’s only when you see the other side of the build that the really impressive details emerge.

LEGO Concorde

While one side shows the complete aircraft, the other is an ingenious cutaway view that shows a slice through Concorde.

Click through for more photos of this huge airplane!

Delivering peace and order by force

Inspired by the abundance of awesome sci-fi vehicles in James Cameron’s Avatar, Marius Herrmann constructed the AT-99 “Scorpion” Gunship from the film. The whole build looks as true to the film’s AT-99 as can be built from LEGO; from the massive iconic rotors, to the fuselage shape, and even the overkill payload.

AT-99 "Scorpion" Gunship

The gunship model appears menacing from all angles; see more shots of the AT-99 here.

Oh! What fun it is to ride in an Arctic Truck Mk II!

Well, the winter holidays are long gone, but Kirill doesn’t want the outdoor fun disappear. So, here is his Arctic Truck Mk II – an ultimate snow-rover in the scale of a regular Technic minifigure. One may find the exterior quite plain, but Technic vehicles are all about functionality.

Arctic snowmobile Total weight – 2650 g, dimensions – 40 x 31 x 18 cm, clearance – 4.8 cm.

Check out this video to see this impressive crawler in action.

And I can’t help mentioning a couple of the builder’s other models.

Click to see more great Technic vehicles by this builder

This ain’t your dad’s snowspeeder

Yet more evolved Star Wars goodness emerging from the current From Bricks To Bothans contest. I love this next-gen snowspeeder from Don Wilson. He’s taken a classic craft from the original trilogy and created his own version of how it might look 30 years later.

Incom T-51 Airspeeder (Snowspeeder) 01

The model has a lovely shape, still evoking the classic snowspeeder lines, but somehow managing to look all-new at the same time. There’s some great color blocking and sticker use, and the integration of the cannons into the hull is fantastic. I’d have blogged this even if it hadn’t have been Star Wars-related, but such a classy reinvention of an old favorite just makes it all the better.

Rust in the trees

As you may or may not have realized, I have a serious soft-spot for decaying, dying things, especially if beautifully rendered in LEGO.

Zach Bean gives us this tiny, forgotten vehicle that will never drive again. Instead of passengers, only trees sit on what remains of seats. Eventually, the forest will swallow it entirely, as it will all of us.


Hoth’s Moving Castle?

This cracking Castle-themed AT-AT build by Adam Dodge properly made me chuckle. This wouldn’t be a bad little Castle tower, even without the legs. There’s a nice variety of greys, textured bricks, and jutting roofs to break up the walls. But plonk said tower on top of a set of medieval AT-AT legs, and you’ve got a really fun build. I like the cannons mounted on the side of the “head”, and those flags and line of bunting add a welcome splash of color. There’s even a skeleton hanging in a cage beneath the beast’s belly!

Ye Olde AT-AT

If I had one suggestion for improving this, it would be to change those radar dish elements at the hips. They’re too smooth for my liking. I’d have liked to see something a bit craggier, maybe some big cogs, suggesting hefty medieval machinery at work. However, that’s nitpicking – a minor niggle in an otherwise great model.

I’d like to see this creation in a mechanical battle to the death with one of my own models – this Troll AT-AT from a few years ago. Bring it on Adam! Your Crownies are going down!

Neo-Classic Micro Space goodness

Jeremy Williams brings us a beautiful microscale spaceship in Neo-Classic Space livery.

LL-945 'Arrowhead' plan

The level of detailing and “greebliness” of this build is amazing for such a small model. This is made possible by some nice parts usage with paint rollers, syringes and droid arms all making an appearance alongside textured and curved bricks.

And as if it couldn’t be any better, Jeremy’s also done some excellent boxart. I want to own an entire fleet of these…

LL-945 'Arrowhead' starfighter

Little LEGO starship is packed full of grunt

Gabe Umland says he’s been unable to build for a while as he’s at college and away from his brick collection. Well, the enforced break hasn’t done his building skills any harm judging by the excellent little starship he just posted…

CF-1008 Crosscurrent

I’m really enjoying the brutish shaping of this bad boy. It just looks chock-full of power and grunt. Gabe says he wanted to create the feel of an American muscle car in a spaceship and I think he’s done just that. The greebling is good, creating a feel of functionality and power, and I like the use of stickers. The color scheme is also interesting for a space build – olive green, dark grey and tan accents all going well together, and not looking as military as you might expect. The red canopy is a nice touch to offset the more drab body colors.

In Gabe’s world, owners of these spacecraft are always customising them, and he’s built a nice little spaceship hangar scene, full of chaotic detail, showing the customisation process in action. Check it out.

Crosscurrent Hanger

Pretty in pink

Pink as a car colour is usually seen as either for girls or just as plain wrong. In the fifties, however, when bright colours were all the rage for American cars, pink was often a factory option. It’s particularly associated with Cadillacs, with Elvis Presley having owned several in that colour and Bruce Springsteen penning a song called Pink Cadillac. My latest model is a 1956 Ford, however.

Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria Skyliner

I’ve been collecting bright pink parts for a while now, for a different project, but this weekend decided to use some of it for the fantastically named 1956 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria Skyliner. It’s full of fifties chic: it has a two-tone paint job, a glass panorama roof over the front seats and a so-called continental kit on the back, with a spare wheel and extended bumper. Building in pink added to the fun, as this involved a fair bit of improvisation to account for the still limited parts palette.

It’s not how you build your car, it’s how you race your car

I can clearly remember the time when Fast & Furious 3 was released and how hyped up my friends and I were about drifting and stuff. And now Dmitry Verbilov brings back that thrill with literally just one picture of his newest Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX. The car itself is a neat model and looks great with the windscreen piece and mudguard parts from Speed Champions sets. Dmitry also managed to shape a nice-looking front part, not to mention some complicated patterns on the front doors. However, I’m mostly impressed by the usage of cotton wool pieces to imitate white smoke coming from burning rear tires. Even though it’s not a regular LEGO piece, it’s a brilliant trick to make a picture look dynamic and impressive.

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX (Fast & Furious 3)