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LEGO planes, trains, and automobiles! Well, maybe not trains, since they don’t like to play with the other LEGO themes, but here you’ll find all our favorite cars, buses, boats, ships, helicopters, and anything else with an engine (and some without).

Fix or repair daily?

Ford fans will love Luke C‘s baby blue ’64 Country Sedan station wagon sporting hand-painted whitewall tires and roof rack with surfboard. I like how Luke has used the light grey and white pieces to create the reflection of the silver stripe down the side of the car, plus the offset grilled pieces sitting at an angle to recreate the recognizable front grill.

1964 Ford Country Wagon

This sleek design also features functioning steering, doors, tailgate, glove box and of course working hood with detailed engine bay.

1964 Ford Country Wagon

Grab your gun and bring in the cat with this enormous LEGO Viper

Chris Madison has put together a superb LEGO Viper — the classic Mark II from Battlestar Galactica. Don’t let initial appearances fool you — this model is enormous, over 100 studs long and weighing 10 kilos!

Viper Mark II

See more photos of this LEGO Colonial Viper

What you build now, you will harvest later

The end of December is a time when people reflect on the year just passed. And if your year wasn’t as fruitful as you expected it to be, don’t be upset — you simply need to upgrade you harvesting machinery. Just have a look at what Michał Skorupka has recently added to his service yard. This LEGO CLAAS Lexion 760 is capable of anything the original is. What makes this 4500-bricks monster stand out from other scale replicas is its mind-blowing innards: 13 LEGO motors are responsible for almost a dozen remotely controlled functions.


The video below contains a detailed review of the vehicle, while more pictures can be found in the Michał’s Flickr stream.

Two lane brick top

Getting the beautiful curves for the Porsche Carrera accurate with LEGO bricks seems like an impossible task, but Senator Chinchilla has accomplished it with their stunning 2016 series. The builder has bravely chosen to sculpt in black, one of the more complicated of colors to photograph. Although in this case, it helps illustrate the serious brickwork and intricate construction that has gone in to the creation of the Carrera’s fine lines and shapely panels.

Porsche 911 Carrera

The builder has also included a fully detailed stylish interior featuring bucket seats, air vents, gear stick and working glove compartment. This stunning machine looks like it could be Gone in Brixty Seconds.

Porsche 911 Carrera

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads

I love trail-riding, offroading, rock-crawling and anything else that involves driving big trucks over impossibly-rugged terrain. So when I saw Chiho Kim’s LEGO version of a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, I instantly feel in love.

Winch, light bar, larger tires! Go & support - https://ideas.lego.com/projects/159512

One of the world’s most popular trailriders, the Rubicon is a specially-outfitted Wrangler with enough offroad accessories to take the driver just about anywhere. I’m unsure if the builder incorporated the Rubicon’s signature electronic locking differentials, 4:1 transfer case and D44 axles, but this model does include many of the features that make the Rubicon such a capable and popular rig. Overall, the builder spared no details here (check out the light bar and washer fluid sprayers on the hood).

Winch, light bar, larger tires! Go & support - https://ideas.lego.com/projects/159512

What I find most impressive is how the builder was able to perfectly recreate the Jeep’s classic hood design. The front bumper, rock sliders and cabin are all beautifully built as well. From a distance, this Rubicon looks just like the real thing. This Jeep may get you lost, but it will never get you stuck!

Santa Claus is tumbling to town

When the Christmas presents absolutely positively definitely need to get there on time, you need Chak hei Mok‘s Festive LEGO Tumbler. No blizzard or broken bridge, or Joker ambush or GCPD roadblock is going to stop Batman delivering the Yuletide cheer. However, I doubt DC’s greatest hero is going to be hugely impressed with whichever kid asked for a Captain America shield…

Christmas mobile

You don’t need a lotta parts to create a good build

This “Tanker Rover” by Robert Heim is a great example of a few good pieces being enough to pull off a great build. Every piece here, from the large airplane piece forming part of the cockpit, to the rim pieces simulating the tank, fits just right. The result is a futuristic vehicle that doesn’t resort to hundreds of pieces or excessive greebling. Another great use of parts here is the silver trophy piece that, while not part of the actual build, goes a long way to suggesting the immense scale of the tanker.

Tanker Rover

My other car’s a Porsche, and also a truck

Do you remember good old LEGO Designer Sets from 2004-05? Besides the main build, each of them featured a thick ideas book full of alternative models. To be honest, not all of those models were top-class, but the joy of building not one, but 50 different robots or cars was overwhelming. Serge S shows us that even though the times have changed, the bricks are all the same. Each set contains as many cool creations as your imagination can produce.

My Porsche in Irish Green

I bet you’ve already recognized that the lovely 10242 Mini Cooper set provided the parts that Serge has used for his creations. To be specific, the Porsche above required a couple of Mini Coopers, and this is the second version of the car. The first one (below) was built entirely from 10242’s pieces, which is why it has more white parts.


But how about another alternative car? Not a sports car, but a heavy truck. This not just any old semi, but a scaled-down version of an Iveco truck. Building one even with unlimited parts would not be a trivial task, but doing so with a just these parts is what makes these models true masterpieces of their kind.


Merry Christmas from this classic Ford pickup truck

We all know Jordanian builder Firas Abu-Jaber as a great car builder, but for me, the star of the show this time is the great Christmas tree in the trunk. The perfect cone shape and the vibrant colours of the decoration make for great eye candy. And the photo’s angle just adds to all of that. This LEGO creation captures both the holiday spirit and the aesthetic of classic cars perfectly (the red colour of the car helps a lot!).

Season's  Greetings - LEGO MOC

The builder also provides a photo of the pickup truck in a very festive environment, being surrounded by gifts and Christmas icons:

Season's  Greetings - LEGO MOC

Cruise the Grid with a remote control LEGO light cycle [Video]

Sariel’s LEGO Workshop takes inspiration from the visually stunning movie Tron: Legacy with his LEGO model of the film’s light cycle. The model itself looks good, enhanced with custom non-LEGO lighting, but the fact that it can drive and steer using RC is rather impressive. Watch the light cycle ride around at night and take a closer look at the functions in this video.

The black stallion

After 8 months, 20 races and plenty of drama, the 2016 Formula One season is now finally over. As a kid, F1 was regular TV viewing in my household and the cheers were always for Team Lotus drivers like Mansell, Andretti and Senna …which was probably because my dad worked for John Player! In my mind there is no race car more iconic than a 70s/80s era Lotus decked out in black and gold JPS livery. So this stunning LEGO model of a Lotus 72D by Hungarian builder zipar gives me all the feels.

The scale of this model means that the builder has managed to capture all of this vehicle’s angles and many small details (right down to the cockpit and V8 engine). But most impressively, it has allowed him to not cop out and use stickers to recreate the gold decals – they’re all brick built! Check out the full album for many glorious closeups.

Roads are for amateurs

The Dakar is a cross-country off-road rally race which is held annually in South America (but named after its former finish line in Africa). It requires a specially designed car which can endure tough terrain and unpredictable weather. If you’re interested, why not take a Ferrari? The F40 may be best known for its smooth lines and road handling, but with the right modifications, it might be the car to beat off the beaten path. This modification of an official LEGO set by LegoMarat has enough suspension, steering, lights, and rollbars to rival any sport-utility vehicle. I can only imagine what the paint job will look like afterwards.

Ferrari F40 Dakar