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LEGO planes, trains, and automobiles! Well, maybe not trains, since they don’t like to play with the other LEGO themes, but here you’ll find all our favorite cars, buses, boats, ships, helicopters, and anything else with an engine (and some without).

The fun begins where the pavement ends

I’m certain there’s a bit of the off-road enthusiast in all of us. Who couldn’t possibly enjoy the chance to escape the trappings of urban life and explore the countryside in a rugged 4×4? If it’s something you’ve never thought of before, than you’re sure to develop an interest after seeing this awesome collection of classic 4×4 vehicles by Pixel Fox:


From the Mercedes Unimog and Land Cruiser J70 to the Land Rover Defender and Jeep Cherokee XJ, the builder’s collection has spanned some of the most well-known and capable trail rigs. According to the builder, it all started from inspiration sparked by the wheel fenders included in the LEGO Stunt Truck released earlier this year (you’ll see the part replicated to great effect throughout this series). The mix of LEGO elements and environmental photography combines for a fantastic presentation, though purists are sure to balk. Plus, some of the scenes are just downright awesome, like this one featuring a beautifully-designed Land Rover Defender:

Land Rover Defender

Or the Unimog tree-cutting scene:

Mercedes Benz Unimog 406

Make sure to check out the builder’s Flickr page for the full line up so far and stay tuned as even more are planned.

Designed for style, engineered to last [Instructions]

Builder hichiroku24 shares the means for constructing your very own earth friendly, zero emission, instantly recognizable two-seater from the Stone Age era. Two cylinder, duo tree trunk, feet powered and with a top speed of 15 mph, this is a must-have for anyway caveman on the go. The only question is, will you put in your order at the nearest Bricklink store today? We’ve got blueprints in the form of a video instruction guide, so what are you waiting for? Yabba-dabba-doo!

Tanks beware, the War Mustang is locked on

Enemy armor slowing you down? Then get ready to pop some tanks with the War Mustang Multi-Purpose Anti-Tank Missle System (try saying that several times real fast) built by Stud Systems. The War Mustang is a lovely and cleverly designed combat vehicle. The coolest detail has to be the poseable missile launcher and guidance system, which conveniently folds down into the roof when not in use.

レゴ ウォーマスタング多目的対戦車ミサイルシステム(LEGO War Mustang Multipurpose Anti Tank Missile System)6

レゴ ウォーマスタング多目的対戦車ミサイルシステム(LEGO War Mustang Multipurpose Anti Tank Missile System)3

36,000-piece Ferrari Dealership showcases beautiful LEGO dream cars

Four years of building and gathering parts led to an incredible showroom of LEGO Ferrari models by Ryan Link. The build uses over 36,000 parts: 23,000 parts form the building with a 5,000-piece transporter; finally, eight Ferrari models (including the official Ferrari F40 set) adding another 8,000 parts.

Ferrari Dealership

The dealership interior is well lit by LEDs and built in exquisite detail, with excellent brick-built Ferrari lettering and graphics lining the walls. Of course, this is all to house and showcase the intricate custom built supercars.

Ferrari Dealership

Ferrari Dealership

Be sure to check out more photos of each of Ryan’s Ferrari models individually on Flickr.

Building a bike on a budget

I’m a sucker for builds with low parts counts and clever parts usage, and they don’t come better than this bike by Brian Kescenovitz. It won’t pay to get into each clever use of a part, because almost every brick that went into this is placed in an ingenious manner. However, the use of the Exo-Force leg for the fuel tank and the bad robot arm for the underside of the frame stand out among the rest as examples of perfect placement.

Naked Bike

No less impressive are Brian’s other tiny bikes, a flowing white touring bike and a streamlined red racer.

DresserRetro Bonneville Streamliner

This Bugatti Veyron gives the Speed Champions line a run for its money

After conquering the worlds of Titanfall and Horizon Zero Dawn,  Marius Herrmann is back to tackle LEGO cars. Bugatti Veyron borrows a lot from the LEGO Speed Champions line, including the windscreen, grille sticker and the new smaller slope pieces. This build’s base design comes from Herrmann’s Audi R8 we highlighted a few weeks ago.
Bugatti Veyron 16.4

A motorbike in emerald green is worth two in any other color

French builder Vince Toulouse has invented a Victorian era motorcycle using dark green elements from the legendary 10194 Emerald Night train set. But there is no better way to personalize a model than with a couple of bold touches. This time these are a pair of the biggest Technic shock absorbers, which still cannot drag all the attention from a masterfully devised and executed grill on the front of the bike’s body, made with a dozen golden 1×1 rings.


A bridge too far for the T-1000

We’re looking forward to Arnie’s classic Terminator 2: Judgement Day returning to cinemas later this year. What better way to whet your appetite for it than with jp_velociraptor‘s LEGO version of the famous truck chase?


Check out the use of transparent bars and supports to depict the flying masonry as the truck bursts through the bridge parapet. Explosive action like this is often difficult to convey with bricks — but it’s certainly accomplished here.


The flood-channel diorama is nicely done, but the truck is a smart little model itself. Here’s a closer look, along with a suitably serious-looking T1000…


Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 in Speed Champions scale [Instructions]

Love or hate LEGO’s Speed Champions line, it’s inspired a new genre of fan builds in this scale, along with all the great new pieces it has introduced. Builder hachiroku24 has utilized these to make a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 that does the real car great justice.

Lego Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

But instead of just admiring this build, you can make one yourself without trying to reverse engineer it! You’ll need these pieces and the instructional video below.

To the Bumpmobile! Let’s go!

Hot on the tail lights of a series of Wacky Races-inspired LEGO creations, and a fun version of FAB1 from Thunderbirds, Martin Redfern brings us another wonderfully-retro vehicle — this time a mashup of the classic TV-series Batmobile and a fairground bumper car.

Holy Bumpering Bumper Cars Batman

The chunky styling is fantastic, with lovely colour-blocking and stripes, and a nice fat bumper running all the way round. Don’t miss smart little touches like the use of a whip for the vehicle’s power antenna and the four golden rings down the side. What we need now is a purple bumper car for the Joker as an appropriate opponent in the arena (hint hint Martin)…

Holy Bumpering Bumper Cars Batman

Audi R8 is the car of the future that is here today

Each top-notch sports car has its own unique face and design, and while some of them are timeless, others are way ahead of their time. For instance, such a gem as the Audi R8 won’t look obsolete even in the year 2117. Marius Herrmann masterfully captures the shapes of the vehicle in a scale slightly smaller than a regular minifigure. And thanks to the new 1×2 curved slopes Marius created an amazingly smooth front part of the car’s body, which in my opinion is the best part of the model. Crowned with a tiny Audi logo, this little beauty is as charming as any other huge detailed copy of a car.

Audi R8 "Star of Lucis" (from "Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV")

Mad, bad, and dangerous to drive

Mad Max: Fury Road was home to some incredible vehicle designs. We’ve seen a couple of great LEGO renditions previously, including the mighty Doof Wagon and the Gigahorse. Jonas Kramm takes inspiration from the movie with an instantly recognizable model. The build captures the look perfectly — a rusty run-down hot rod, bedecked with over-the-top spikes of questionable practical value. The best part? The front wheels’ shock absorbers, made from springs taken from official LEGO pens.

Mad Max | Plymouth Rock