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The UAU6 “Winter Moon” Shines Brightly

Brian Kescenovitz‘s (mondayn00dle) Tachikoma style tank was inspired by Deviantart user flyingdebris’ concept art. It is beautifully done and elegant in its execution. It almost appears to be a Mondrian inspired work of art.  Notable design elements are the deft use of sticker remnants, the smooth clean lines, and the use of the chainsaw elements to create a one plate stud reversal in the turret. The offset mounting of the white half-domes of the legs/ wheels is also an impressive bit of design work.  This “tank” is so esthetically pleasing and friendly looking, I think it would actually make any town it invaded that much more pleasant for it.

UAU6 "Winter Moon"

$165 Million Plus Interest

It’s been about a year since we last heard from David Collins (intrond) who returns to TBB with a sci-fi model simply titled “485”. This quasi-Tachikoma strikes a nice balance between smooth armored sections on top and the mechanical details beneath.


As for the title, I thought “485” seemed too stiff and the soundtrack for Ocean’s 12 was playing in the background.