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Andy’s room from Toy Story

Matt De Lanoy (Pepa Quin) built Andy’s room in minifig scale – Toy Story minifig scale that is. Thus it’s quite a large display at 30″X30″. If you’re in Chicago, you can see this creation debut at NILTC’s Christmas Show on December 11-12.

Meanwhile, you should check out the gallery of photos on Flickr, which includes details such as the Buzz Lightyear mosaic and the setup.

“Buzz Lightyear to StarCommand!”

This giant Buzz goes to infinity and beyond.

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Actually this giant Buzz, by Johnny Tang is very well done. The articulation, the sand-green highlights, the square-jawed chin. The green army men are just icing on the cake. Woody doesn’t stand a chance against this space toy!

Lego Buzz Lightyear Toy Story Infinity

Edit: I posted this earlier and missed the fact that much of the sand-green and lime green is MegaBloks. There may be other MegaBloks that I have missed as well. What is your opinion of creations that use clone brands? Personally, I feel the accomplishment is cheapened. What are your thoughts?

LEGO Toy Story 3 sets available on LEGO.com now [News]

Pixar’s Toy Story 3 will be out in movie theaters in a few weeks, but the LEGO Toy Story 3 are available now from the LEGO Shop online.

7597 Western Train Chaseicon includes Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie, Bullseye the horse, Rex the T-Rex, and Hamm the piggy bank.


Some of the Toy Story sets look like pretty good LEGO City sets, including a pizza truck and a garbage truck:

icon icon icon

All five LEGO Toy Story 3 setsicon are available on LEGO.com.

Monthly LEGO news roundup and highlights for February 2010

The weekly LEGO news roundups we started to do proved to be too time-consuming, but this past month has been a busy one, and you may have missed a few things. Without further ado, in case you missed it…

See what I mean? A busy month indeed.

Toy Story 3 trailer confirms LEGO in movie, plus more LEGO Pixar goodness

In our interview with Angus MacLane back in 2008, we asked him why none of the toys in the previous two installments of the Toy Story series were LEGO. Read the interview to find out, but that gap has been corrected in Toy Story 3.

Toy Story 3 trailer-002

They’re a bit hard to spot in this screen cap by Bill Toenjes, so check out the photo on Flickr for notes and the full-size version. Watch the complete trailer for more LEGO, as well as a notable appearance by Totoro.

In related LEGO + Pixar news, this year’s giveaway Toy Fair premiums from LEGO included a CubeDude Buzz Lightyear signed and numbered by Angus himself (via FBTB’s complete Toy Fair 2010 coverage):

LEGO Pixar Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear CubeDude

Now I’m mad that LEGO didn’t send The Brothers Brick an invite to this year’s Toy Fair. Hey LEGO, what gives? I demand my CubeDude Buzz Lightyear!

Finally, Toy Story director (Toy Story 3 executive producer) John Lasseter received the LEGO treatment at Toy Fair with this great bust built by Erik Varszegi (via Gizmodo):

John Lasseter with LEGO likeness

LEGO Pixar, Kingdoms, World Racers – 2010 sets at Canadian Toy Fair [News]

Once again stealing the New York Toy Fair’s thunder, the first publicly available photos (read: not stolen or leaked) of late 2010 LEGO sets come from the Canadian Toy & Hobby Fair, via CTV tech reporter Kris Abel.

Of particular note for LEGO Castle fans is the new Kingdoms theme.

2010 LEGO Kingdoms castle

Check out Kris’ main post for links to each of his theme-specific posts, including:

  • DUPLO (with new Pixar Cars sets)
  • Prince of Persia
  • Space Police
  • Star Wars
  • World Racers