Lightyear’s cool new toy

Pixar and Disney may have put the toys down to tell us the story of theĀ real Buzz Lightyear, but when builders like Peter Zieske see a ship in a teaser trailer, it becomes a call to arms. We may not know much about the film yet, but it has certainly created a…buzz amongst fans. While we wait to see how it fits into the Pixar Theory, we can have our fun. Peter based the Star Command XL-15 on the few images of the sleek starship seen in the Lightyear trailers. Toy or person, Buzz always gets the coolest ships.

Star Command XL-15

Though it doesn’t have the cardboard spaceship’s silhouette hidden in the windshield framing, the rest of this ship shares a lot of the same shaping as the new one. The small tilt in the nose, color-blocking, and engines are all super close to the source. It has me itching to make my own just to be able to swoosh around. Given LEGO’s history with Disney and Toy Story, we can all hope for a set of our own, fancy windshield and all.

Star Command XL-15

The rear view of the ship is equally impressive, with a slight tilt in the fins and satisfying housing around the engines. Peter used a lot of great techniques on this build to hide practically all of the studs and really achieve that sleek shape all around.

Star Command XL-15

Finally, take a look at the ship without Buzz inside. This is definitely a cool toy and Peter should be proud of his work considering how little we’ve seen of this ship so far. I’m sure we can expect updates in the future, especially after we all get the chance to check out Buzz’s origin story. All I know is that this makes me wish my LEGO came to life and that my own little spaceships could fly around on their own.

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  1. hntrains

    From the side, it looks like an aggressive predator bird in a moment of relaxation. While the top view nearly trivializes the build, the read view shows a machine seemingly able to function. A fun build, overall.

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