Did you know Geri changed the game?

Modeling characters with realistic textures and movements was a difficult task for the animators at Pixar back in the nineties. While making their first short film in 8 years, Geri’s Game, the company utilized a method to make more lifelike skin and even developed a dynamic cloth simulator to emulate clothing better. Not only did it push Pixar technologically, but it also started a tradition of shorts before feature films that continues today. Builder Deo embraced a more blocky form and used their LEGO to create his own Geri, a version with a life all its own. This wonderful idea includes the chairs, table, chess set, and (not pictured) the prized dentures.

This model has some clever parts usage. Geri’s head makes smart use of layering and color blocking to match the source, but it’s the guns attached to binoculars in the hands that really blow my mind. The use of the binocular pieces was a smart way to give the character all five digits without making the hands super bulky. Instead, we get nimble fingers that match the scale of the rest of the build perfectly.

Just like in the short, Geri’s glasses come off to allow him to compete against himself for his dentures. The tiny chessboard includes all the proper pieces with distinct and adorable forms. Don’t be afraid to use it to see how you’d fare in a chess game against yourself. One of you is bound to win, right?

Builder Deo has done a wonderful job capturing this nostalgic scene from Pixar. Why don’t you check out some other Pixar-inspired builds we’ve covered while you celebrate their 35th anniversary with a movie marathon?