For a guy with three hearts, you are not very nice.

Even though I’ve come to moderate my expectations for Pixar sequels, I found myself charmed and highly entertained by this summer’s Finding Dory, co-directed by LEGO Wall-E designer and Pixar animator Angus MacLane. The movie was full of unique, heartwarming characters, and radiohearhoy has lovingly recreated several of them in LEGO.

Easily my favorite character was Hank the cranky octopus, who it turns out has at least one heart of gold. The 1×1 round plates on Hank’s tentacles show how small this LEGO creation actually is, proving that it’s not how much LEGO you own, but how you use the pieces you have.


It’s hard to argue that a whale shark is adorable, but Pixar managed it with Destiny, and the builder in turn has captured the personality of this cheerful, enormous fish.


And last but not least, Dory the amnesiac blue tang and Marlin the overprotective clownfish father. I can hear Ellen DeGeneres’s voice when I look at the expression on Dory’s face — a hard task to accomplish in LEGO.