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Ridin’ in style from hospital to grave

Today’s post is best enjoyed with a little bit of music. I’m sure builders Lino and Tim will appreciate the musical selection.

Lino and Tim have teamed up to bring us a pair of stylin’ rides that all of us hope to never be in. If you’re going to be in an ambulance or a hearse, wouldn’t you like them to be as awesome as these two?

Lino’s contribution is the 1931 Ford Delivery Ambulance, affectionately called the Flatline Ford. I have full confidence that traffic will move over when they see this bad boy coming after them.

'31 Flatline Ford

From Tim, we have our 1967 Cadillac Hearse. I think “Hell’s Bells” is awfully appropriate for this beast. This hearse will deliver the goods regardless of how far or hard to reach the final resting place might be. I absolutely love the hood ornament!

"Hell's Bells" 1967 Cadillac Hearse

Filled up and ready for a raid

LEGO themes come and go, but some of them stay in our hearts forever. Korean builder bigcrown85 makes us shed some tears with a beautiful remake of some old Model Team sets.

Black cat Rally team

Experienced readers might recognize these legendary vehicles. The jeep on the left is based on the awesome 5510 Off-Road 4×4 from 1986, and the truck on the right is a remake of the B-model from 5571 Giant Truck, which was released in 1996.

Off-Road 4x4 Giant Truck

The builder has refurbished both cars, making them black and red, improving the chassis and upgrading the interiors with all new pieces (he even placed a coffee machine right behind the seats in the driver’s cab!). And the title “Black cat rally team” refers to the giant truck’s alternative set name. A crouching cat was used as a radiator cap, and you can find one on the hood of the jeep as well. What a lovely touch!

Black cat Rally team

All in all, both cars offer a nice representation of how present-day Model Team sets could possibly look: massive, stunning and handsome.