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Another construction toy brand might have the Halo license, but that doesn’t stop LEGO fans from building characters, vehicles, and locations inspired by the venerable Xbox series from Bungie and Microsoft. Check out Pelicans, Warthogs, the Master Chief, and more LEGO Halo weapons than you can shake your armored fist at right here on The Brothers Brick.

Halo: Reach Spartan is ready to play Headhunter on Sword Base

I’ve been enjoying multiplayer gameplay in Halo: Reach for some time now. I just can’t get enough of the jetpack, and my enjoyment is enhanced by the fact that I’m not quite as terrible a player as I am in Halo 3.

While I’ve been busy trying not to get beat down too frequently, Shawn Snyder has been building this awesome Spartan.

LEGO Halo Reach Spartan

See a ton more pictures in the full gallery on MOCPages.

Space marine light assault vehicle and instructions

Tyler Clites has built the space marine light assault vehicles (SMLAV) inspired by the Warthog from Halo. By popular demand, Tyler created a set of quality instructions available for purchase at a very reasonable price of $5. Having built the SMLAV from his instructions, I can say that parts for the model are easy to acquire and the model itself is very solid.

Check out these fun variations of the SMLAV and military variants.

Halo Hornet shoots down enemy Banshees

Stephen Chao (obscurance) constructs an accurate model of the Hornet aircraft from Halo. As someone who enjoys the game, seeing one of these makes me want to take it to the skies and shoot down some enemy Banshees.

A quick update for all of you clicking through from Bungie.org: If you like this, don’t miss the dozens of LEGO Halo creations we’ve featured here in the past, as well as all the other LEGO creations inspired by video games.

2009 BrickForge accessories include stone tools and particle gun [Review]

As someone obsessed with archaeological LEGO, the new BrickForge accessories for 2009 make me happy.

The Tribal Spear works perfectly as a scalloped obsidian blade from the Neolithic — just the sort of weapon for cavemen to take down a mastodon or mammoth:

LEGO Neolithic minifigs with BrickForge Tribal Spears

The Tribal Sword is designed to resemble the Aztec macahuitl, inspiring me to give my Aztec god minifigs some Aztec warriors:

LEGO Aztec warriors with BrickForge macahuitl

Of course, not all of the new BrickForge accessories are stone implements.

The Plasma Blaster and Crowbar enable LEGO fans to build video game minifigs like Master Chief from Bungie’s Halo and Gordon Freeman from Valve’s Half-Life:

LEGO Master Chief and Gordon Freeman minifigs

The Goblin Sword and Goblin Shield allowed me to update my Uruk Hai minifigs from Lord of the Rings. What horde of orc minifigs would be complete without a Saruman minifig? Saruman wields a Sorcerer Staff.

LEGO Uruk Hai minifigs LEGO Saruman minifig

LEGO riot policeThe new Nightstick (right) combines with the older Military Helmet and Round Shield to create a policeman in riot gear.

Finally, the Particle Gun and Particle Pack (below) work beautifully for Ghostbusters. With multiple connection points like the Megagun, both of these new BrickForge accessories can hook up hoses or whatever else you can think of:

LEGO Ghostbusters minifigs

I have quite the backlog of ideas for musical minifigs, so I couldn’t decide which one to highlight BrickForge’s microphone. I’ll get to that new accessory later…

With so many things to inspire interesting minifigs, this may be my favorite batch of BrickForge accessories so far. All of the new stuff is available in both black and gray (though I still prefer BrickForge’s black accessories over their gray).

See all of the new items (except the microphone) in my BrickForge photoset on Flickr, and check out the BrickForge website for the full line of custom accessories.