Master Cheese

We see a lot of bright green and dark green Master Chiefs built from LEGO, but the legendary John-117 SPARTAN II super-soldier from Halo is actually wearing olive green armor.

Tyler (Legohaulic) recently picked up over a hundred “cheese” slopes in the new color, and this is the result.

Spartan 117

The most accurate LEGO Master Chief? By no means, but this is an absolute tour-de-force in single-part repetition, and certainly the first Master Chief sculpture in the correct color. It’ll be interesting to see what other new LEGO models this new color will inspire.

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  1. Andrew Post author

    ^ Excellent point! I guess the version of Master Chief that jumped to mind when writing this was his Halo 3 version. I just started playing Halo 4, and it’s definitely not olive green.

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