An Exception to Every Rule

I try to avoid posting LEGO creations based on the Halo games; there are simply too many of them around, and I don’t really think anyone wants to see another attempt at a Warthog. This diorama by legomocs. forced my hand, though. The micro scale frigate is nicely rendered, as is the accompanying Covenant spire, but neither is what caught my attention. The shape of the diorama and the angle of the ship combine to give this creation a great sense of motion. It’s difficult not to imagine the continuing flight path of the frigate, after seeing this one moment caught in time.

UNSC Grafton

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  1. Creative Anarchy

    Much as I appreciate high standards on Brother’s Brick I have to say that some of the cooler builds I’ve seen at conventions and over flickr have been the City Builds from Halo games. Please if you see somethinf innovative and colorful and cool-looking, don’t let it’s theme stop you from posting it.

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