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Winnow with giant arms the slumbering green

With the Wrath of the Titans contest in full swing over on Flickr, we’re seeing some really great Greco-Roman LEGO models. This Greek temple on a seaside hill by Yacopo looks to have angered an even older power from the deep.

Attack of the Kraken! by Yacopo on Flickr

Notice the stairs leading up to the temple. And the smaller structure in the foreground incorporates a Technic gear as its base.

Ancient Greece was built brick by brick

Lasse and Anne Mette VestergĂ„rd displayed their Ancient Greek Lego layout at LEGO World in Copenhagen last month. This diorama is not only impressive for its size but also the architectural details of the Greek buildings that are seldom depicted in Lego. Check out more detail shots on Lasse’s Flickr.