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“Everything’s shiny, Cap’n. Not to fret.”

Diamond Dave Shaddix and his co-conspirator Stephen Lanyi recently finsihed a 40″ x 30″ mosaic of maybe the best-loved starship engineer in the galaxy this side of Scotty. Also, unlike Jimmy Doohan, she’s not missing a finger. I’m talking of course about Firefly’s Kaylee Frye, played by actress Jewel Staite and now immortalized in ABS. Shiny Dave, very Shiny.


Minifig-scale Serenity is the coolest ship in the ‘verse

Adrian Drake (brickfrenzy just completed his 70,000 piece Serenity (from the wonderful but short-lived series Firefly) after more than 475 hours of work over nearly two years.

The ship weights 135 pounds and has a complete interior, from bow to stern. Many interior spaces also have lighting, and the shuttles detach.

00 Serenity

We’ve featured some great Serenity models here on The Brothers Brick over the years, but none at minifig scale. See 75 photos of this awesome model on Flickr.

(My challenge to build a minifig-scale Prometheus still stands…)

Trucking in the Blue Sun

It’s not often that we see Chinese characters sculpted into lego. Here, Brickshelf user gtahelper accurately depicts “Blue Sun” (a recurrent corporate entity in the Firefly and Serenity ‘verse) in both Chinese and a logo in English. The truck model features working suspension, steering, and a few other neat details worth checking out.


Serenity Mule, LEGO’d by Lord T

I’ll use any excuse to blog LEGO creations inspired by Serenity or Firefly — I’m a sucker for “LEGO of the ‘Verse”, I guess.

Lord T‘s updated Mule is so vastly improved from his first version featured here a couple years ago that it deserves a second look:

LEGO of the ‘Verse previously featured on TBB:

Figs of the Verse

With a BrickLink order that included a generic African-American head, I was finally able to make Zoe. I took the opportunity to update update nearly all of my Serenity and Firefly minifigs, so check ‘em out on Flickr:

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The Omnibus Serenity and Firefly Post

I’m a huge fan of Serenity and Firefly. It’s always nice to see minifigs, vehicles, and vessels from the ‘verse, so (low lighting aside) I was pleased to run across Alex Peacock’s hover mule:

That reminded me of some other great mules and ‘verse LEGO creations I’ve seen on Brickshelf and elsewhere. Here’s a beautiful, larger-than-minifig-scale mule by Will Vale:

Another mule by Brickshelfer theReflexx:

The final mule of the day, by Brickshelf user Lord-Thrawn:

And last but most certainly not least, Christopher Doyle’s not-quite-minifig-scale Serenity:

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Shakespeare, Serenity, and Racers, oh my!

Scott Quick (divepoet on Brickshelf) has posted some massive updates to his gallery — all very cool stuff. Here’s just a small selection.

A series of Shakespearean vignettes (which he showcased last year at Brickfest):

A micro-size Serenity:

A whole bunch of tiny little “Arrow Racers:”