Faster! Faster! Faster would be better!

Finding LEGO builds of iconic spaceship Serenity is kind of like shooting fish in a barrel these days. And Evan B (Lego Junkie) admits the same is probably true of it’s diminutive companion, the UCS MF-813 Flying Mule land speeder. Which is why his idea of building it to Miniland scale and adding all the characters is pure genius!

And for Firefly fans who just really wanna see the vehicle, here you go, since I know we don’t cover space stuff on this blog very often…

1 comment on “Faster! Faster! Faster would be better!

  1. Nicholas

    I know it is very obvious, but in today’s world where we still have prejudice it was a breath of fresh air to see this MOC with a black character! BRAVO! Oh, It’s well done as well!!! :)

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