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Contests and build challenges are often a great way to get creative juices flowing. Check out our coverage of new contests here, and congratulate the winners of contests that have finished.

Announcing the 2013 Lego Military Build Competition

I am sure many of you will be looking forward to the annual Lego Military Build Competition. I know I am. I was a participant in 2008 and 2009 (with some success) and helped organise and judge it in the last few years. This year it is being run by Magnus Lauglo, D-Town Cracka, -Mainman- and Aleksander Stein, all of whom will be familiar to military builders and to long-term readers of this blog.

2013 Lego Military Build Competition

If you are interested, you should make your way to the special contest group on flickr for more information. The contest starts today and runs until July 10th. In previous years, the quality of many of the entries in this competition was excellent and I am eagerly looking forward to seeing the results this year.

Announcing the Wrath of the Titans Contest

Are you already getting tired of the MocAthalon? Then I’ve got good news for you. Simon Pickard and James Pegrum, both active members of the Greco-Roman LEGO group, are organising a contest that strikes me as new and original. No, it’s not about wrestling; the aim is to create a LEGO scene that depicts an event involving the titans of ancient Greece.
Wrath of the Titans Contest
If this has made you curious, see the contest rules on flickr and let’s get ready to rumble!

Tough Competition

I couldn’t decide which I liked better. I really couldn’t. The heat is on between Andrew Lee and Simon Liu with this most recent Iron Builder. I (along with many other girls my age) really find Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine easy on the eyes, so there’s a point there. But the GRID is just so stunning.

Andrew’s Wolverine:

Simon’s GRID:

I don’t envy the judges.

The Colossal Castle Contest X Winners have been Announced!

The tenth year of the CCC was a big one! We had over 400 entries and many of the honorable-mentions would have been winners in previous years. Check out winners and enjoy some Castle-Greatness!

Here are some of my favorites among the winners:

Best Castle – Ras al Jabar by Fianat

Best Winter Scene – And the Band Played On by SlyOwl

Best Misc. – Visit by LolinoLL

The Master Builder will announced as soon as we can figure out who wins. It is an extremely close race.

2013 MocAthalon begins in March

The fourth annual MocAthalon will once again take place throughout the entire month of March on MOCpages. This is a competition where teams of 5 build up to 30 creations from 30 unique and whimsical categories announced at the start of the contest. Visit the contest group on MOCpages for rules and to sign up and form a team. You can check out last year’s MocAthalon to see what it was like.

Monolithic Builds: Giant Sushi and a Robot Uprising

This latest Iron Builder contest has provided an incredible slew of fascinating models from the uuber talented contestants. Sean and Steph Mayo pull out all the stops with this monstrous sushi roll fit for a giant.

Lego Sushi: Giant Centipede Roll

And Bart De Dobbelaer fires back with this super cool Monolith. I don’t even pretend to know what’s going on here, but I’m imagining some sort of robot sentience emergence, ala 2001.

the Monolith

Shrink-O-Matic Naboo Starfighter

The Palpatine’s Shrink-O-Matic contest over at FBTB comes to a close at midnight PST tonight. One of my favourite entries that I have stumbled across is this Naboo Starfighter by Bartosz Sasiński (bartosza6m (War-C)). The construction of the cockpit is absolutely brilliant, and the sleek shaping is spot on. Plus the display stand really adds a nice final polish.


Freighter over Ice Planet Biodome

Eurobricks is holding a Micro Sci-Fi Contest this month (the trophies themselves are noteworthy examples of the genre), and at mid-month we’re already starting to see some really nice entries.

Ryan H. (eldeeem) enters the fray with this gorgeous biodome on an ice planet, complete with a resupply ship hovering above.

Freighter over Ice Planet Biodome

Notice the Modulex bits attached to the side of the freighter as containers. LEGO produced Modulex as a tool for architects in the 60’s until they spun off the company in 1965. Early Modulex bricks even have the LEGO logo on the studs, just like System bricks.

Over the years, LEGO builders have figured out various connections between the two systems (officially not compatible with each other), and Ryan has collected all of the ones he’s aware of in the following photo:

Modulex compatibility

Post-LEGO Modulex with an M logo continued to be available until fairly recently (the company is a successful signage company today), and it’s always interesting to see what new ways LEGO builders incorporate them into their models.

Like a Boss contest results

The Like a Boss contest sponsored by The Brothers Brick to build a video game boss recently concluded with some spectacular entries. The winners received their share of a $500 prize pool donated by our blog. Check out who won and see all the entries on Flickr.

First place: zane_houston‘s Mecha Bowser
Mecha Bowser

Second place: 2 Much Caffeine‘s Ganondorf
Great King of Evil

Third place: cmaddison‘s Quick Man
Quick Man

Thanks to everyone who participated and congrats to all the winners!

LEGO Tetris

Jameson Gagnepain clearly has a surplus of those ever-so-useful LEGO game dice. He’s put them to good use for his entry into the Like a Boss contest, resulting in this fabulous display of impossible Tetris:

For an added touch, he’s done a stop-motion version complete with the frustrating anticipation of not getting the particular shape that you need: