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Service with a smile

LegoWyrm has started creating adorable LEGO chibi characters, based on a style originally developed by legendary Japanese builder Moko. Here is his version of the titular heroine from the videogame American McGee’s Alice (click here for bonus gory version).

He’s also churned out some beautifully chibi-fied characters from other games and anime. See if you can name any of them (regular readers should be able to name the last one by now). And tell me that these figures don’t immediately put a huge smile on your face! Just remember to turn away before your head explodes from all the cuteness…



Execute Order Chibi Chibi!!!

I have found in my years engrossed within the LEGO building community that builders utilizing the “Chibi” style of design are few and far between.  Kevin Ryhal has created a set of Chibi 501st ARF Troopers and AT-RT walkers from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  His attention to detail mixed with his “Chibi-ness” design is amazing, but add in “mecha” style articulation to the joints and it becomes most impressive.

Moko’s Kamen Rider

Long before the Power Rangers leapt across the Pacific onto American TV screens, Japanese TV was dominated by series after series of superhero shows, not least of which was Kamen (Masked) Rider.

Moko goes retro with his latest creation, an homage to the very first Kamen Rider:

From 1971 through today, Kamen Rider, his motorcycles, and the monsters he fights have been an integral part of the childhood of every child who grew up in Japan. That includes me, and this large-scale figure brings back a lot of great memories.