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LEGO Angry Birds 75824: Pig City Teardown [Review]

The first wave of Angry Bird sets have already been released here in the UK, and consists of six sets ranging from Set 75821 Piggy Car Escape (Price UK £11.99/US $12.99) to Set 75826 King Pig’s Castle (Price UK £74.99/US $89.99). You can see the full lineup in our initial news coverage of the Angry Birds sets, and we also got a first-hand look at them at Toy Fair New York last month. The Angry Birds sets are due for release in the US in April and are not available online or within the US LEGO Stores at present. The Angry Birds sets are all colourful and enticing for the ‘recommended’ age range,  between 6-12 or 8-14 as the set size increases. For those of us who are perhaps slightly older than this range, fear not…there are a host of new moulds, re-colours and great new printed tiles that will also bring great joy.

Angry Birds 75824 Review TBB Completed Build

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LEGO Angry Birds in action at Toy Fair 2016 in New York [News]

Although we’ve already seen official photos of the LEGO sets from the Angry Birds movie, we had a chance to see them in person and play with one of the larger sets while at Toy Fair in NYC yesterday. All of the sets are scheduled for release in April 2016.

Toy Fair New York 2016: Angry Birds

75825 Piggy Pirate Ship includes 620 pieces and will retail for $59.99.

Toy Fair New York 2016: Angry Birds

You can see it in action in this video:

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First looks at the LEGO Angry Birds theme [News]

Here’s our first look at the LEGO Angry Birds theme since LEGO released this teaser image in the fall. I’m a bit shocked to say that — contrary to my expectations — they don’t look too bad. Have a look at the set images below the jump. (Sadly it’s not the highest resolution, but we’re sure better images will follow soon.)

Angry Birds

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Angry Birds vs. Anime

Today, children and adults from all over the country will be donning their festive creepy and cool costumes for a night out gathering goodies or having fun with friends. But I know two particular builders who probably won’t be out and about. At all. Because right now they are locked in a life-and-death struggle for victory.

For those who are surprised, the Iron Builder is a recurring contest which pits two talented builders against each other in a duel to best incorporate a secret part. The current round is bringing forth some crazy good LEGO creations!

Chris Maddison brings us our favorite feathered ballistic missile from the ever-popular Angry Birds game.
Angry Birds
When you finally get over how eye-catching and realistic the build looks, the clever simplicity is stunning. As a side note, in case you hadn’t heard, you can expect official LEGO Angry Birds sets next year.

Not to be outdone, Mike Nieves shows his characteristic System/Bionicle/Technic style with his recreation of Renji Abarai from Bleach.
Howl Zabimaru
I’m not very familiar with Anime in general, but a quick Google search shows just how well Mike was able to recreate the distinctive character at this scale.

Both builders have used the black forklift skid (the mandatory secret piece) to full advantage. But who will win?