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Peter Reid’s Exo-Suit to be the next CUUSOO product [News]

Congratulations to Peter Reid. He’s having quite the month. Hot on the heels of the release of the No Starch Press book LEGO Space: Building the Future, of which he is a co-author, LEGO CUUSOO has announced the next set that has passed the review process and has been approved for production, his amazing Exo Suit! I know I for one will be lining up in mid 2014 to buy this when it is released.

Exo Suit - Now on CUUSOO

Gunnlöð the Future Heavy Equipment

The inimitable Izzo makes the future of backhoes downright sexy with his Gunnlöð the Future Heavy Equipment. This behemoth construction multiped looks right at home, digging the footings of our future cities. Pay particular attention to the wonderful mechanical greebling that makes the Gunnlöð feel so real. If you’re wondering what a Gunnlöð is, I looked it up. While Izzo states that Gunnlöð is the Norse God of War, as best as I can figure out, she is the daughter of the giant Suttungr who guarded the sacred mead of poetry. But heck, what’s in a name. Call it by any other name, this is one sexy backhoe.

Gunnlöð the Future Heavy Equipment 01

Gunnlöð the Future Heavy Equipment 06

The 11th Doctor

Mariann Asanuma (Model Gal) has revealed her most recent mosaic portrait of Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor from the Doctor Who series. I’ve been privy to seeing her amazing technique up close and I still can’t get my head around how she does this. Rather than doing the traditional “studs up” approach to mosaics, she is able to capture the most subtle rendering of edges and forms, all from the side. She’s also able to employ an impressive array of ways to change the direction of the orientation of the elements in the tightest of quarters. I’ve seen these as works in progress, and I’ve studied them from behind, and they are both inventive and ingenious. It’s no wonder she is a former Master Model Builder from Legoland, California.

LEGO 11th Doctor Mosaic 2

If you want to see how complicated her process is, check out the “blueprints” she makes to build this mosaic. Mariann is truly a Grand Master at LEGO Mosaics.

LEGO 11th Doctor Mosaic Plans

Kaname Madoka: Magical Girl

Kaname Madoka is a character from an anime television series about a girl being granted a wish in exchange for transforming into a magical girl tasked with fighting witches and despair. LEGO DOU Moko creates another amazing interpretation of an anime character out of LEGO. Most notable in this creation is his masterful posing of Kaname with her knee bent and magical bow drawn.

Kaname Madoka

Yip,Yip Appa!

This amazing brick built Appa, the 6 legged flying buffalo from the series Avatar: The Last Airbender, seems perfectly timed with the second season of The Legend of Korra coming on September 13th. I always felt that LEGO’s initial attempt at doing a licensed theme on The Last Airbender failed to capitalize on what fans would truly want, and a gorgeous, constructed Appa like this one built by perennially featured Tyler (Legohaulic) is at the top of the list of what they should have done. I really would love to see a theme based on Korra.

Appa 01