Kaname Madoka: Magical Girl

Kaname Madoka is a character from an anime television series about a girl being granted a wish in exchange for transforming into a magical girl tasked with fighting witches and despair. LEGO DOU Moko creates another amazing interpretation of an anime character out of LEGO. Most notable in this creation is his masterful posing of Kaname with her knee bent and magical bow drawn.

Kaname Madoka

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  1. Creative Anarchy

    This genre never appealed to me, possibly because of my lack of girl-parts. I am however always impressed to see it in Lego. Not because of the cheesecake appeal but the challenge of recreating a soft and bubbly object with hard-edged bricks always impresses me and because the “girly” palate of color isn’t very well represented so people working with pinks, purples, lavenders, and light baby blue bricks have to be all the more creative for the lack of what are often very difficult if not impossible parts to find.

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