T47 Sheridan Walking Tank

I’ve wanted to try my hand at some alternative WWII vehicles for quite a long time. Long enough, in fact, that I originally planned to use sand green, then dark green, then sand green again (as these color became available, or had new parts show up). Of course, when I finally built something, I ended up using olive green.

The idea with this creation is a sort of “what if” scenario. In this case, what if WWII lasted longer, and militaries started fielding diesel driven mecha. Far-fetched, perhaps, but it certainly seemed like fun.

I also tried something new (for me) with this creation, and photographed it only in a scene. I’m hoping this presentation is pleasing to our readership.

T47 Sheridan Walking Tank38

4 comments on “T47 Sheridan Walking Tank

  1. michael.rutherford

    Dan, that is an impressive collection of olive green parts! Your choice of tan torsos for the GIs looks nice, but the green guys from the toy story kits would have allowed you to use their green helmets, and that in turn might have enhanced the “WWII Dance Mix” vibe you’re going for here. Great setting as well! Very clean. Attack!

  2. Dan Post author

    Thanks guys!

    I don’t know what set the baseplates came from. They’re official, and came out of something I must’ve sorted years ago.

    Mike, I considered the army men. I have tons of em, and the helmets are perfect. I wasn’t sure about putting standard green next to sand green, though.

  3. fraserphillip

    Dan, I’m really curious to know where those baseplates came from if they are official. Please let me know!

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