One last bit of news from San Diego Comic-Con. LEGO announced a new property in association with Cartoon Network. The IP seems to be about some Pokemon like creatures, one is electric, one is fire and one is earth. There is no further information as of yet regarding this new IP.

Image courtesy of Joe Meno.

However, the most notable aspect of this announcement is the introduction of new elements, in particular, a new system of micro cup and ball joints. The balls seem to be the same scale as previous “tow ball” elements. This new joint system will allow for small scale articulation and give fans the ability to build creatures and characters with a new range of play action. Instead of joints with one direction of bend, these will add twist and rotation into the mix. There is also great potential for creating curves and compound shapes.

LEGO Mixels

UPDATE:   Mixels is a jointly produced property between Cartoon Network and The LEGO Group.  This property will include animated shorts, a digital gaming experience and a collectible toy line.

Mixels are colorful creatures “that can mix and combine with one another in creative and unpredictable storylines.” Low priced mini sets will launch in three waves in 2014.

13 comments on “Mixels?

  1. Creative Anarchy

    I like new parts and colors more than a kick to the junk but why does Lego keep throwing licencing money at stuff like this. They’re barely going to put a single series of this stuff on the shelf then they’re going to abandon it. There are proven and incredibly popular themes that TLG could buy into, stuff that is carrying Mega Blocks into a superior market position as a competitor.

  2. eti

    Mixeled emotions…?

    Actually I like the parts and the colors. And licensing is not always a bad idea… it was in the case of Ben10, but this one could actually work. I never heard of the franchise, but I had never heard of The Lone Ranger, Ben10 or Speed Racer either, so that’s just me.

    Oh, and Avatar was awesome. If only they had done more sets of that one…

  3. Curtis

    On one hand these new parts are exciting, but on the other hand these sets will likely cost too much because of the licensing.

  4. stevethesquid

    @creative anarchy: Lol megabloks doesn’t stand a chance.

    New joints? As a constraction builder, I’m overjoyed, ESPECIALLY with the new ‘eye’ printed balljoint!

    All you people bashing on new elements; what is your problem? If the elements are actually added for function and not some useless one-time-use thing (*COUGH*COUGH*MINIFIGURES*COUGH*) then the new parts are only a good thing? Imagine all the brick-built figures (miniland scale, etc) that people can make now!

    Personally I’m excited to see what people like legohaulic, moodswim, mortal swordsman, and other people that make brick-built articulate figures will do with the new joints!

  5. 4estFeller

    I bet the hardsuit builders are gonna love those new joints. Also yay for printed eye parts and 1×2 curved wedge thingys!

    And I have no idea what a Mixel is.

  6. wyldjedi

    I think Lego purposely puts out new elements on sets like this because they know we will buy tons of them for the new parts. It makes me wonder if minifigures as we know it will evolve if Lego decides to incorporate these little ball joints in some way. I hope they do, but that would mean completely new sets of arms/legs/torsos. Part of me hopes so, but at the same time we all love our classic minifigures and the few times Lego has tried to change them was a mixed bag at best. Minifig changes would also mean new ones standing out when placed next to old ones. Well I am rambling… too busy thinking about what I can do with those ball joins

  7. Carl


    I doubt they’d get rid of or drastically alter the minifig. It’s been around for nearly 40 years and many pretenders to the throne have come and gone in that time leaving only the little guys we all know and love.

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