Super heroes racers

Okay Yaramanoglu (Oky – Space Ranger) built a lineup of mini-racers for Lego’s super heroes minifigs. Each racer is suited to the driver’s style (just like in Mario Kart). Which ones are your favorites?

DC Superheroes Racers

Marvel Racers

9 comments on “Super heroes racers

  1. Gomek

    Just as an excuse to polybag new individual figures this is brilliant. At @ $7.95 a piece I would buy them all. (well, at least a few hundred before it became a real problem)

  2. redbeardlegoman

    This is probably one of the best builds I’ve seen in the four years I’ve been coming here. I think it’s been four years. At any rate, this is made of pure win.

    I would absolutely buy this.

  3. toomtoom

    Brilliant idea – a real hark back to the old superhero “tat” toys you used to get as a kid (probably still do)

    I’d buy em :)

  4. toomtoom

    I am alone in wishing this to be the theme for a new Lego video game…?
    Customisable karts, superhero-specific powerups and a dash of lego humour.

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