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Series 8 of Mixels unveiled [News]

Thanks to a Russian LEGO catalog, we now have a look at which characters comprise Series 8 of Mixels, even before Series 7 has even been released. While we don’t know each Mixel’s name yet, Series 8’s three tribes are a firefighting tribe, a medic tribe, and — out of sync with the other two — a pirate tribe. See all of the characters after the break.

Mixels Series 8

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Series 2 Mixels Unveiled [News]

The first official images have surfaced of the second wave of Mixels, LEGO’s new popular cute miniature creatures line. The first wave consisted of three colored factions of red, yellow, and black, representing Fire, Electricity, and Stone, respectively. This new lineup comprises orange, brown, and blue as creatures of Undersea, Monsters, and Air (or at least, that’s my best guess as to what their themes are). At any rate, they’re just as ferociously adorable as ever. While they’re all lovable, my favorite has to be Jawg, because it reminds me of Harry Potter’s growling Monster Book of Monsters. I also love the helmets used as eye-sockets on Slumbo.

41514 Jawg

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41517 Balk41516 Tentro41515 Kraw
41514 Jawg41513 Gobba41512 Chomly
41511 Flurr41510 Lunk41509 Slumbo


One last bit of news from San Diego Comic-Con. LEGO announced a new property in association with Cartoon Network. The IP seems to be about some Pokemon like creatures, one is electric, one is fire and one is earth. There is no further information as of yet regarding this new IP.

Image courtesy of Joe Meno.

However, the most notable aspect of this announcement is the introduction of new elements, in particular, a new system of micro cup and ball joints. The balls seem to be the same scale as previous “tow ball” elements. This new joint system will allow for small scale articulation and give fans the ability to build creatures and characters with a new range of play action. Instead of joints with one direction of bend, these will add twist and rotation into the mix. There is also great potential for creating curves and compound shapes.

LEGO Mixels

UPDATE:   Mixels is a jointly produced property between Cartoon Network and The LEGO Group.  This property will include animated shorts, a digital gaming experience and a collectible toy line.

Mixels are colorful creatures “that can mix and combine with one another in creative and unpredictable storylines.” Low priced mini sets will launch in three waves in 2014.