Peter Reid’s Exo-Suit to be the next CUUSOO product [News]

Congratulations to Peter Reid. He’s having quite the month. Hot on the heels of the release of the No Starch Press book LEGO Space: Building the Future, of which he is a co-author, LEGO CUUSOO has announced the next set that has passed the review process and has been approved for production, his amazing Exo Suit! I know I for one will be lining up in mid 2014 to buy this when it is released.

Exo Suit - Now on CUUSOO

10 comments on “Peter Reid’s Exo-Suit to be the next CUUSOO product [News]

  1. Ralph

    Congratulations Pete. It’s a cool model. Now let’s hope that the designers manage to maintain all this greebly goodness as they turn it into a set.

  2. 4estFeller

    Wow, I’m surprised it actually passed. I’m assuming they are going to change it a lot for official release though. Let’s hope they don’t totally ruin it.

  3. Curtis

    I’m happy to see an original idea get picked on CUUSOO. As others have stated, I wonder how much of the original design this one will retain once complete. Regardless, it’s the first CUUSOO project I’m interested in getting.

  4. theinvisibleguest

    A welcome return to form after the BttF DeLorean debacle. Here’s hoping they don’t dumb this one down too much, it has a lot of fantastic parts usage that would be very inspiring to young and old builders alike.

  5. Nathanael

    This is epic. I love the Delorean and if this is as a good I will be in for having 1 of these. Does this mean though that other than the Land Rover – which doesn’t seem to have been decided yet – all the other sets have been rejected and won’t be going into production?

  6. wyldjedi

    I am glad that a non licensed, non real-life based idea made it. However, it is too bad any idea that makes the final round, but is not the winner, is pretty much scrapped. Lets say the Space troopers, or any other that has gotten to the final round. If they are still a viable idea by not being too violent or having a license conflict or whatnot, they seem to be pretty much scrapped forever… unless they get another 10,000 votes for the next round? Would be nice if those that got to the final round and are still viable would be placed in a ‘contenders pool’ for later picks. It would also be nice if Lego would tell us why exactly why specific Cuusoo ideas did not get picked. Or better yet, for projects that start gaining votes, but never have any hope of winning due to issues Lego thinks are obvious (like the violence in Shawn of the Dead), slap a label on the project at the Cuusoo site so people will know it does not have a chance. Portal for example, many hoped it would win, but we knew it wouldn’t win. It seems that Lego is dangling a carrot in front of us to give the illusion that there is more depth and choice to the Cuusoo process than there really is. I would love to have more transparency on the end part of the process, such as specific requirements, companies Lego currently have no plan or ability to license a theme from, or true reasons why a project is either turned down or is weighted more than another project. Am I the only one who feels this way? It feels like watching a football game but the score is not based off points, but some mystical calculation. And then when the winner is announced we don’t even get the reason why… not even a simple ‘we like this one better’.

  7. lostcarpark

    Delighted for Pete that this has been accepted. I’m also slightly surprised that it got through. Of course we know it’s going to have to change quite a bit to make a set. For a start there’s a stack of obsolete parts, and also a bunch of illegal connections. Pretty sure pneumatic T pieces in technic axle holes aren’t allowed for one thing. The big question is can Lego come up with something that retains the essence of the Exosuit using legal building techniques? I think if they put the right designers on it, they can produce something almost as wonderful. I thought that the Delorian, while not perfect, was a very decent model, and if we get something as good I will be very happy.

  8. Mnemonyx

    While I have some sympathy for the view that it’s “like watching a football game but the score is not based off points, but some mystical calculation”, at least there is a way to progress from people saying “Wow! That should be an official set” to actually get things to be an official set. 10,000 votes is a lot, and to get that many votes and then have a particular model eliminated in the final round must be painful.

    Nevertheless the exo-suit will be cool, even if simplified a bit in the final version. I shall keep my fingers crossed that the Landrover 110 makes it in the end as well.

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