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Dan Rubin has been an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) since he became an adult. He joined the larger AFOL community on LUGNET in 2003, and that was also the year in which he attended his first BrickFest. Dan largely builds space MOCs, so it should come as no surprise that he is also the Main Admin of the forums at Classic-Space.com. He is also the creator of the Galactic Inquisition space theme. Dan has been a member of the LEGO Ambassador program since the third cycle of the program. Read more about the program here. You can check out Dan's LEGO creations on Flickr.

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Look Children – The Colors!

I’m a sucker for weirdly colored alien landscapes. With his latest creation, A Plastic Infiity has given us that, plus some funky alien technology, and a floating rock. The scales of justice look balanced in the photo, but they feel tipped towards awesome to me. Also, I had no idea those minifig hats came in a purple shade, I’ll be needing some of those for my own funky landscapes.

Monument to Justice

AZR Anunnaki – Is Killer Drop Ship

Browsing for MOCs this morning, I certainly wasn’t expecting to find a new six foot long SHIP, but David Collins (IntronD) had a surprise in store. It’s quite a lovely shape from the angle below, and the medium blue (or is that azure?) and tan color scheme is just a thing of beauty. Truly amazing is that it’s all built to house a hangar for mecha. Make sure to check out all the photos, as it’s packed full of details and lighting effects.

AZR Anunnaki

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie School masterpiece in LEGO

The post title says it all, both the original design by Frank Lloyd Wright and this LEGO model by Jameson Gagnepain (Jameson42) are absolute masterpieces. I’m no expert on architecture, but according to the builder, this building is called “Wingspread” and was built in 1937. Jameson has captured not just the architecture of the building, but also the surrounding landscape, and even a period appropriate little car. Make sure you check out the entire gallery, to see all the details!

Wingspread - Overhead

I Love Gold!

There’s actually a lot more to love about this stunning mecha (MFX [F] – Aztech Deity Reborn) by Lu Sim (Messymaru) than the color. It captures an over the top, extremely intricate, anime style that you don’t often see outside of the actual anmiation (and the occasional model). The various circular structures on the back are a big part of this effect, but what really grabbed my attention was the face.

MFX [F] - Aztech Deity Reborn

Tintin Explores the Moon

As a child, I loved the Tintin Explorers on the Moon, I must have checked it out from the library dozens of times. I’ve seen many fantastic attempts at building the rocket Tintin and friends take to the moon, but this latest by Tyler Clites (Legohaulic) is the first build of the lunar tank I’ve seen. Simply put, this is awesome, this scene captures the right atmosphere, from the lunar surface to the brick-built Snowy under one of the domes.

Tintin Moon Tank

Kenbishi Industries R2600

Our friend Pascal (pasukaru76) must have been watching Ghost in the Shell recently, as he’s built a fantastic “think tank” (basically a robotic tank mecha) inspired by the one in the movie. Pascal describes it as a close cousin, and that works for me. The build achieves some simple geometric shapes, which on close inspection prove to be rather elegant implementations of complex techiques, for instances at the angles at the base of the legs. The use of stickers on the model is also top-notch, and really brings it to a higher level.

Kenbishi Industries R2600

The Great Harbor Ship

The Homeworld series of games featured some truly fantastic space ship designs, providing inspiration for tons of Lego space ships, but I’ve never seen anyone attempt to render a copy of this particular ship before now. De_chef has built a micro scale version of the epic Bentusi harbor ship from the games. As you can see above, he’s incorporated lights, and delivered photos that really show off the shape and illumination. Beyond that, he also built a series of smaller ships to accompany it in display, really bringing the scale to the forefront.

A Little Service With a Smile

Andrew Lee (onosendai2600) brings us two new robots to help out.  They offer completely different takes on a utilitarian look, and both work for me.  The smiley on the yellow bot really captures the a CyberPunk/Anime vibe that I love.  Meanwhile, the neck stalk on the gray bot lends a dinosaur-like life to the model. These were built for “Droneuary“, and it loosk like it’s going to be a great month.

Droneuary 2015

Lego Shop at Home Brick Friday Deals Start Now [News]

We’ve received word from LEGO S@H about the deals that will be available starting at midnight Friday morning (which is also when we were allowed to post about said deals). There’s a full list of the deals below, along with a link to the full “Sales and Deals” page (here’s one for Canada). Last year, most of the best deals (anything 50% off) sold out within a few minutes. We wish you the best of luck in your LEGO bargain hunting.  As our readers know, we support the blog through referral links to deals on Amazon and LEGO.com, so if you do go shopping online this season, please click through one of our links first.

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