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Dan Rubin has been an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) since he became an adult. He joined the larger AFOL community on LUGNET in 2003, and that was also the year in which he attended his first BrickFest. Dan largely builds space MOCs, so it should come as no surprise that he is also the Main Admin of the forums at Classic-Space.com. He is also the creator of the Galactic Inquisition space theme. Dan has been a member of the LEGO Ambassador program since the third cycle of the program. Read more about the program here. You can check out Dan's LEGO creations on Flickr.

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Lego Shop at Home Brick Friday Deals Start Now [News]

We’ve received word from LEGO S@H about the deals that will be available starting at midnight Friday morning (which is also when we were allowed to post about said deals). There’s a full list of the deals below, along with a link to the full “Sales and Deals” page (here’s one for Canada). Last year, most of the best deals (anything 50% off) sold out within a few minutes. We wish you the best of luck in your LEGO bargain hunting.  As our readers know, we support the blog through referral links to deals on Amazon and LEGO.com, so if you do go shopping online this season, please click through one of our links first.

5004236 THE LEGO® MOVIE™ THE LEGO MOVIE DVD SpecEdition 60%
40091 Seasonal Thanksgiving Turkey 50%
850936 Seasonal Halloween Set 50%
850636 LEGO® Star Wars™ Magnet Luke Skywalker 50%
850637 LEGO® Star Wars™ Magnet Princess Leia 50%
850638 LEGO® Star Wars™ Magnet Han Solo 50%
850640 LEGO® Star Wars™ Magnet Obi-Wan Kenobi 50%
850641 LEGO® Star Wars™ Magnet Darth Maul 50%
850639 LEGO® Star Wars™ Magnet Chewbacca 50%
850644 LEGO® Star Wars™ Magnet Yoda 50%
70134 LEGO® Chima Lavertus’ Outland Base 20%
70133 LEGO® Chima Spinlyn’s Cavern 20%
60020 LEGO® CiTY Cargo Truck 20%
10223 LEGO® Kingdoms Kingdoms Joust 20%
10513 LEGO® DUPLO® brand Disney’s Jake and the Never Land Pirates™ Never Land Hideout 20%
10561 LEGO® DUPLO® Toddler Starter Building Set 20%
6759 LEGO® DUPLO® Busy Farm 20%
10575 LEGO® DUPLO® LEGO® DUPLO® Creative Building Cube 20%
10576 LEGO® DUPLO® Zoo Care 20%
70705 LEGO® Galaxy Squad Bug Obliterator 20%
70709 LEGO® Galaxy Squad Galactic Titan 20%
70704 LEGO® Galaxy Squad Vermin Vaporizer 20%
79011 LEGO® The Hobbit™ Dol Guldur Ambush 20%
70811 THE LEGO® MOVIE™ The Flying Flusher 20%
70806 THE LEGO® MOVIE™ Castle Cavalry 20%
70804 THE LEGO® MOVIE™ Ice Cream Machine 20%
70812 THE LEGO® MOVIE™ Creative Ambush 20%
70805 THE LEGO® MOVIE™ Trash Chomper 20%
20200 LEGO® Master Builder Academy MBA Spaceships 20%
20214 LEGO® Master Builder Academy MBA Level 3 20%
20217 LEGO® Master Builder Academy Co-pack MBA Level 2 20%
79102 LEGO® Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stealth Shell in Pursuit 20%
79122 LEGO® Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder’s Lair Rescue 20%
70725 LEGO® Ninjago Nindroid MechDragon 20%
70724 LEGO® Ninjago NinjaCopter 20%
70720 LEGO® Ninjago Hover Hunter 20%
70728 LEGO® Ninjago Battle for Ninjago City 20%
75013 LEGO® Star Wars™ Umbaran MHC™ (Mobile Heavy Cannon) 20%
42005 LEGO® TECHNIC Monster Truck 20%
850884 LEGO® Castle LEGO® Castle King Key Chain 20%
850886 LEGO® Castle LEGO® Castle Dragon Wizard Key Chain 20%
850889 LEGO® Castle LEGO® Castle Dragons Accessory Set 20%
850913 LEGO® Chima Chima MF Accessory Set Ice 20%
851318 LEGO® Chima Chima Sir Fangar Claw & Shield 20%
850908 LEGO® Chima Rogon Keychain 20%
850910 LEGO® Chima Chima Minifigure Accessory Set 20%
851015 LEGO® Chima Chima Scorpion Sword & Shield 20%
850776 LEGO® Chima Chima Playmat 20%
850598 Accessories Game Cards Binder 20%
850607 LEGO® Chima Keychain Eris 20%
850609 LEGO® Chima Keychain Worriz 20%
40118 Storage Buildable Brick Box 2×2 20%
850791 LEGO® Minifigures Minifigure Birthday Set 20%
850425 Accessories Desk Business Card Holder 20%
850967 LEGO® Friends LEGO Friends Jungle Accessory Set 20%
40112 LEGO® Friends LEGO Friends Catwalk Model 20%
850781 LEGO® Friends Carry Case House 20%
850581 LEGO® Friends LEGO Friends Brick Calendar 20%
850591 LEGO® Friends LEGO Friends Name Sign 20%
850597 LEGO® Friends LEGO Friends Carry Case 20%

Comic Bricks at Designer Con

This weekend, STUDS (the collectible card series) hosted a LEGO art show at Designer Con in Los Angeles. The theme of the show was comic book covers, and builders were asked to build their own rendition of a cover of their own choice. From the photos in the gallery, I must say that the results were largely spectacular (they actually make me feel like my own contribution was insufficient).

Comic Bricks

I think my absolute favorite is this Captain Marvel cover by Zach Clapsdale (zachmoe), but I encourage you to take a look draw your own conclusions.

Captain Marvel #5

10245: Santa’s Workshop [Review]

Lego was kind enough to send The Brothers Brick a copy of the upcoming Santa’s Workshop set for review. I was lucky enough to be the one to review the set, and my 3.5 year old son was lucky enough to help. There are plenty of official photos of the set floating around already, including those in our own coverage of the set reveal, so I’ve tried to concentrate my review on interesting things about the set, rather than take a bunch of new photos. This is partially due too the fact that it has been tough to pry the set away from little hands, as my son ran around the house with it screaming about Santa as soon as I opened the shipping box.

Santa's Workshop 04

This set is a virtual smorgasbord of unusual parts, in fascinating colors. The set contains 883 pieces, which is pretty fantastic for a price point of $70. Although I primarily build space and mecha, I can imagine repurposing most parts in this set to my own use. The doors might find themselves languishing for awhile, but that’s balanced out by a huge helping of gold parts. There’s certainly enough gold piping here to outfit a steampunk lab (even the inside of the North Pole sign is a gold lightsaber blade). I was also surprised to see quite a few printed parts for the reindeer (both their faces and backs are printed. I was also rather pleasantly surprised by the number of extras included in the set. There was even a spare cookie! Finally, the set is PACKED with SNOT bricks, it’s almost worthwhile as a parts pack alone.

Santa's Workshop 05
As with the parts, I was rather happy with the minifigs included in the set. You get Santa, Mrs. Klaus, four elves, and five reindeer. Oddly, Mrs. Klaus and an elf both come with two-sided faces (alternate unhappy faces shown in the photo). The Santa hat is really nice, though I presume it’s the same as the Collectible Minifig Santa, which I don’t have (at least not open). Mrs. Klaus looks like her dress is a new print, and it certainly fits the part. The elves span a variety of personalities, which helps give the set a bit of a Burle Ives Rudolph vibe, which I personally like. Our complement includes “Magic Wand Guy”, and “The Badest Elf There Ever Was.” The latter steals Santa’s cookies.

Speaking of Reinder, though, there are five in the set, four large, and one small. That said, the set doesn’t actually include Rudolph. According the Marcos Bessa, the designer, Rudolph is a character they would’ve had to license. Fortunately, it was easy enough to swap one of the spare Christmas lights onto the small Reindeer’s nose, and Christmas was saved. The Reindeer count has been raised as in issue in my house, so I may have to pick up more of the printed bits on Bricklink, to bring our complement up to the proper eight (plus Rudolph). The tubing used to connect the harness to the sleigh looks long enough to be able to attach at least one more pair of reindeer. “Rudolph” by the way, can apparently even balance on his tail.

The Build
This set was pretty interesting to build. There are some nice SNOT technique used for everything from the Reindeer heads to window construction. It was far beyond my son’s ability to build anything but the minifigs (and repair reindeer), but that’s to be expected. I’m betting that town builders won’t learn much new from building this set, but it’s still a fun build, with a lot of variety. The set is also broken into a series of smaller sections, as most are these days, which allow you to break up the building into discrete chunks, without opening all the bags. There’s also a great little micro-scale Classic-Space ship rolling out of the toy machine, which is marked improvement over the inclusion of another micro scale train for the minifig children to play with.

This set is a great buy, you get a lot of interesting parts, a lot of useful parts, and some unique animal bits. It was fun to build, and SCREAMS Christmas. If you’ve got kids in your house, it’d be fun to build a chunk at a time, as a build-up to Christmas. It’s surprisingly sturdy for a set in the Creator Expert line, but sleigh can even withstand swooshing by a three year old. It also looks like the two exclusive holiday sets for spending over $99 with LEGO direct this year are annexes to this workshop. I’ve only seen the one available October 1 in the store catalog, but it looks like a little elf workshop that’d match up with the back of this set nicely. The set is available September 17 to VIPs, and October 1 to everyone. I’d recommend waiting until October 1, so you can add something else to your cart, and get the free add-on.

Win Tickets to New York ComicCon! [Contest]

The kind folks at Lego have offered us five free tickets to the first day of NYCC to give to our readers (Thursday October 9). What’s more, the winners will be invited to a special event at 1pm, where a new theme will be announced! The winners will get access to NYCC that day, the afternoon panel, and a special evening event.

Comment on this post to enter!

You must be able to get yourself to NYCC for the event, at your own expense, as all this contest provides is the NYCC ticket mentioned above. Transportation, lodging, etc is not included. Contest will be closed at 11:59 pm EST on September 19th.

We Can Do It!

I built a factory diorama for my T-47 Sheridan walking tank a few weeks ago. Of course, as the style of the build is alternate WWII, the workers in the factory are all female. As it’s Labor Day here in the US, it seemed like the perfect day to post this diorama, and celebrate the achievements of the American worker.

T-47 Sheridan Walking Tank - Factory 07

X-45 Spirit, let’s hear it!

We toss around words like “cool” and “swooshable” pretty frequently around here, but they’re frequently apropos. Take this Starfighter by Adam Hollings (Night Hawk_), it hits all the right buttons. The angle panels, beefy engines, and color blocking all come together to look cool, without being sleek and solid. In fact, it looks a bit the opposite of solid, and looks like it would be rather delicate. I was surprised and impressed to see the builder describe it as swooshable.

x-45 Spirit Starfighter

Amazing LEGO Hemlok BF-R Rifle from Titanfall

Nick Jensen (Nick Brick) has long been the master of life-sized LEGO built guns, and his latest is from the game Titanfall. While I haven’t managed to play my copy of Titanfall yet, I know enough to say this is an amazingly good looking and functional build.

Titanfall Hemlok BF-R

Check out the full set of images for more angles and a complete breakdown of this incredibly detailed model. And don’t miss all the other great stuff by Nick that we’ve featured here previously, including a life-sized sniper rifle, sticky detonator and battle rifle from Halo.