Win Tickets to New York ComicCon! [Contest]

The kind folks at Lego have offered us five free tickets to the first day of NYCC to give to our readers (Thursday October 9). What’s more, the winners will be invited to a special event at 1pm, where a new theme will be announced! The winners will get access to NYCC that day, the afternoon panel, and a special evening event.

Comment on this post to enter!

You must be able to get yourself to NYCC for the event, at your own expense, as all this contest provides is the NYCC ticket mentioned above. Transportation, lodging, etc is not included. Contest will be closed at 11:59 pm EST on September 19th.

97 comments on “Win Tickets to New York ComicCon! [Contest]

  1. themidnightrocker

    I’m a fan of the site! I live in the NYC area and love Comic-Con but could not afford to get tickets this year. It would mean so much to me to be able to go for a day and experience the thrill of the event. Thanks so much for the opportunity and best of luck to everyone involved.

  2. murphquake

    Representing Queens, and I LUG NY, would love to get to this event, especially with the new Flatiron District Store Grand Opening event that same weekend! -bill

  3. bluewithinblue

    I’ve been considering heading to a convention for some time now, never been to one before. I’m close to NYC and free tickets sure would help!

  4. Kahi

    I’m really hoping to get into the panel; I’m only going to be there for that day, and it’d suck to get all the way out there and be so close and yet so far.

  5. UDD2015

    This certainly sounds like an interesting prospect; I’d love to be able to attend the panel/special event and get to witness what will be announced there.

  6. GarrustheTurian

    I believe the new theme that will be unveiled will be BIONICLE, and I’d love to be at the event to witness the return of my favorite theme! Thanks a bunch for doing this!!

  7. COGFenix

    Wow this has so many posts. I doubt I have a chance to win :(

    I’d still like to enter though! Thank you!

  8. JangaranG

    Thanks for holding this contest; stiff competition but I’ve got nothing to lose by throwing myself into the ring.

  9. Lightningjay

    I just heard on BZPower that BIONICLE has been confirmed and will be appearing at NYCC. As such, I’d rather appreciate getting the chance to see its unveiling firsthand. :)

  10. ArtemisFowl

    I can handle transportation and hotel, but I’d need a ticket to get there! Thank ya much for doin this giveaway!

  11. ArbyChief

    Shame the tickets aren’t for multiple days (would love to see the Halo panel), but I’d still enjoy the experience. :)

  12. AgentLocke

    I’m aware that I’m entering quite late, but I feel I owe it to myself to try. I’ve always dreamed of going to New York City; this giveaway could be my ticket (get it? haha) to achieving that dream. I would be eternally grateful if you would grant me this opportunity.

    My thanks,

  13. amazingelectro

    i’m a HUGE comic book fan and i’ve always wanted to go to a con! i wonder if lego will have any of the 2015 superheroes sets on display?

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