A Little Service With a Smile

Andrew Lee (onosendai2600) brings us two new robots to help out.  They offer completely different takes on a utilitarian look, and both work for me.  The smiley on the yellow bot really captures the a CyberPunk/Anime vibe that I love.  Meanwhile, the neck stalk on the gray bot lends a dinosaur-like life to the model. These were built for “Droneuary“, and it loosk like it’s going to be a great month.

Droneuary 2015

3 comments on “A Little Service With a Smile

  1. Carlo

    Well, I’m just commenting here cause this is the latest post. Have you noticed the change of plastic? In the new minifigure series’ most of the legs are made of a new kind of plastic.

    1. Shiny, mega-block like.
    2. weak.
    3. cheap.
    4. yet Lego makes it expensive.
    5. I have to worry about my piggy guys ears; they feel like they will break at the slightest push!
    And Lego is starting to use STICKERS in every set. I think printed bricks are much better, they never peel off or anything of the kind, are always printed on perfectly, and are fun to reuse. Please share your thoughts and just in GENERAL have you noticed this change?

    Dedicated Lego Fan.

  2. Josh

    A better place for this comment would have been the most recent lemur post, since that is where we answer questions and such.

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