And then he rested...

In a unique take on the phrase “year in review”, Ted Andes built a new 8×8 stud LEGO vignette every week over the entire course of 2014. The resulting collection covers all manner of topics, from the well-known to the downright weird. Often inspired by current events, the builds are always imaginative and creatively built. They also demonstrate a wide variety of building styles, proving there’s an awful lot you can do with a simple 8×8 space!

It’s almost impossible to pick favorites, but here goes…

As well covering all the most popular holidays, Ted managed to include some more ‘extreme’ annual events from around the world:


SPORTS! Clever building techniques are used to convey scale and speed, respectively:


Different strokes for different shows:


When you can’t build out, then you just have to build up:


Watch out! Sometimes if you tempt fate, bad things can happen:




But eventually, the year came to an end:

Make sure to check the rest of Ted’s 2014 vignettes collection right here.

2 comments on “And then he rested...

  1. ted @ndes

    Thanks so much for that final round-up, Iain. Very much appreciated… and know that when I built those few vignettes without using mini-figs, the gauntlet you’ve thrown down for AFOL’s to build more “Living Bricks of Character” was definitely in the back of my mind. – Ted

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